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GMB fans turn on Linda Lusardi as she discusses Clap for Carers

The actress recently battled COVID-19

Linda Lusardi was criticised by Good Morning Britain fans today (May 28).

The 61-year-old actress appeared on the show to discuss tonight’s final Clap for Carers with Lorraine Kelly.

While the show’s resident doctor Mark Porter said he agreed with ending the movement, she explained her reasons for wanting it to continue.

Linda Lusardi (Credit: ITV)
GMB fans have been turning on Linda Lusardi (Credit: ITV)

Linda Lusardi praises Clap for Carers

“I think it’s really important to go out and clap,” she insisted.

“We shouldn’t forget those frontline workers who are still going into the eye of the storm every single week.

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“It’s important that the neighbourhood remembers that they’re out there doing that – nothing has changed for them.

“They’re still going, they’re still missing their leave, they’re still not having any holiday.

“I think it’s a small price to pay to go out and clap to remember what they’re doing.”

Linda Lusardi (Credit: ITV)
The actress discussed Clap for Carers (Credit: ITV)

COVID-19 warning

Linda then admitted her concerns that ending Clap for Carers would encourage people to begin “living normally” and forgetting the dangers of COVID-19.

“We’re not out of the woods at all yet,”  she added.

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Clap for Carers is something Linda feels particularly passionate about following her battle with coronavirus.

Dr Mark Porter GMB
Dr Mark Porter agrees with ending Clap for Carers (Credit: ITV)

The British star was in intensive care fighting for her life after contracting COVID-19.

At points, she thought she was going to die.

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However, she was discharged from hospital at the end of March and is recovering at home.

“The first Clap for Carers, I was actually in hospital in bed fighting for my life,” she added.

“Each Thursday it brings a tear to my eye to remember the staff and the nurses that brought me back to life.

“I’m really very much on the mend now – I feel like I’m almost back to normal.”

GMB fans turn on Linda Lusradi

Despite her kind words for NHS staff, those tuning in at home were not impressed with Linda’s GMB appearance.

Taking to Twitter afterwards, viewers complained that the actress was on TV too much.

One wrote: “Good Morning Britain wheeling out Linda Lusardi yet again to chat about coronavirus. Where’s my remote. Yawn.”

Another then added: “#Lindalusardi on @GMB #goodmorningbritain talking about #ClapforCarers #clapforkeyworkers.

Linda Lusardi Sam Kane
Linda Lusardi with husband Sam Kane (Credit: Splash News)

“It’s just shameless publisty for herself look at me I just love the key workers and NHA staff Face with rolling eyes it’s just cringe, please give me a job in TV again.”

Moments laters, a third wrote: “Linda Lusardi is truly deluded. Talk about milking it. #GMB.”

Shortly afterwards, a fourth added: “Linda Lusardi’s really getting some mileage out of having Covid.”

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