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GMB: Kate Garraway reveals Dominic West called her to apologise after coronavirus outburst

He said he didn't know her husband Derek Draper was ill

GMB host Kate Garraway revealed Dominic West called her to apologise after his coronavirus outburst last week.

The Appropriate Adult and The Wire actor, 50, attracted widespread criticism on the show after he said he “leapt for joy” on hearing the news that US President, Donald Trump, had contracted the virus.

Kate, whose husband Derek is still battling the after-effects of the virus in hospital, was conducting the interview.

Dominic telephoned Kate Garraway to apologise (Credit: ITV)

What did GMB host Kate Garraway say about Dominic?

Dominic’s views were deemed as ‘tactless’ by many in light of who was interviewing him.

And, on today’s show (Monday October 5), Kate revealed that the actor had been in touch to apologise.

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“He’s been in touch directly with me,” she told viewers.

“He’s been in touch to personally apologise to me.”

Dominic West on GMB
Dominic shocked GMB viewers with his comments (Credit: ITV)

What else did Kate Garraway say?

She continued: “He wasn’t aware Derek had coronavirus, was still sick and was worried I’d been upset by it.

“I don’t believe Dominic West would wish someone ill.”

She said that she wasn’t upset by the comments, but was more surprised.

What did Piers Morgan say about the incident?

Shortly after Dominic’s interview on Friday (October 2), Kate’s GMB colleague Piers Morgan took to Twitter to blast the actor.

“Imagine telling someone whose own husband is lying in a coma from coronavirus that you ‘jumped for joy’ when you heard others had caught the disease?” he raged.

He also told Kate on today’s show: “Forget Trump’s behaviour.

“As a human being to say you jumped for joy and to say it when you have a husband in a coma, I felt that was unacceptable.”

Jacqui Smith GMB
Jacqui Smith and Kate clashed on GMB (Credit: ITV)

What else has Kate been saying?

Last week, Kate also clashed with former Home Secretary and soon-to-be Strictly Come Dancing contestant Jacqui Smith.

The pair were discussing the rule-flouting SNP MP, Margaret Ferrier – who travelled on public transport after testing positive for COVID-19.

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With Jacqui defending MPs in general, Kate said that she didn’t say “all politicians”.

She said: “I said this kind of behaviour feeds into a sense from people that politicians are urging us to do things that they’re not doing.”

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