Kate Garraway on GMB

GMB: Kate Garraway accused of ‘interrupting’ guest as viewers divided over clash

Viewers said she was "trying to be Piers Morgan"

Kate Garraway was accused of “interrupting” by guest Alex Salmond on today’s episode of GMB (Tuesday April 6).

The presenter, 53, divided fans as she clashed with the Scottish politician during this morning’s interview.

So much so, some viewers accused her of “trying to be Piers Morgan”.

What happened with Kate Garraway and Alex Salmon on GMB today?

Former Scottish First Minister and leaders of the Scottish National Party, Mr Salmond has been embroiled in a feud with current Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

He has now started his new political party, Alba.

During their interview, Kate told Mr Salmond that “two-thirds disagreed” with the politician being fit to stand for election.

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She asked: “Wouldn’t it help if you picked up the phone to Nicola Sturgeon? I think people will want to know if you can sort that out.”

Mr Salmond struggled to answer her questions, with a delay on the line making things more difficult.

This meant the pair started speaking over each other.

Mr Salmond chuckled: “Kate, if you keep interrupting me on a delayed line, it’s going to be very difficult to conduct the interview. Can you let me answer the question?”

Kate Garraway on GMB
Kate wanted to get her point across (Credit: ITV)

How did viewers react?

It wasn’t long before divided viewers took to Twitter to express their views on the clash.

One viewer wrote: “Really poor interview. Trying to be Piers Morgan.”

Another said: “Won’t be voting for him or his party but WILL be voting SNP and for Independence from this rancid “Union”.

“But Garraway’s arrogance and ignorance is staggering. Let people speak! This show just gets worse and worse.”

What an awful way to conduct an interview, so unprofessional.

A third commented: “Kate Garraway spent too much time watching Piers Morgan.

“FFS, once you’ve asked a question SHUT UP and let your guest actually answer it.”

Finally, a fourth said: “What an awful way to conduct an interview, so unprofessional.”

Kate Garraway divided viewers as she grilled Alex Salmond on GMB
Some viewers said Mr Salmond couldn’t get a word in edge-ways (Credit: ITV)

What else did viewers say?

However, the reaction to her interviewing style went down well with some.

One wrote: “Well done Kate he is shameful.”

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Another praised her by saying: “Well done @kategarraway didn’t take any of his waffle.”

A third commented: “You go girl #kategarraway #AlexSalmond is an awful man and his attitude to women stinks #AlbaParty.”

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