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GMB host Richard Bacon rages over Lewis Hamilton’s vegan dog as viewers brand it ‘cruel’

Roscoe isn't a meat eater to help the environment

GMB host Richard Bacon made a sly dig at Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton on the show today (January 5).

Lewis wasn’t actually on the show, but he ended up being at the centre of a debate about feeding dogs a vegan diet.

Several experts debated the subject, with host Richard commenting on Lewis’ British bulldog Roscoe’s diet.

Richard bacon gmb
Richard Bacon and Susanna Reid hosted the debate on GMB (Credit: ITV)

What did GMB host Richard Bacon say about Lewis Hamilton?

Introducing one expert, who is pro giving dogs a vegan diet, Richard began: “Lewis Hamilton, I’m sure you’ll agree, has set a wonderful example – his dog is vegan.”

A picture of Roscoe then flashed up on screen and Richard added: “He’s taken a photo of his dog with a plate of fruit on a private jet.

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“On a private jet. Doing an enormous amount for the environment.

“Maybe they cancel each other somehow?” he added.

And, after vegan dog owner Charlene McQuoid-Guess put her point across, so too did viewers.

What did GMB viewers say about dogs on a vegan diet?

GMB viewers seemed pretty unanimous in their verdict that feeding dogs a vegan diet is “cruel”.

They also branded Lewis a hypocrite for cutting meat from Roscoe’s diet to save the planet, while flying on a private jet.

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Lewis Hamilton banging on about cutting meat from a dog’s diet to help save the planet, whilst feeding his dog plant-based food whilst aboard his private jet…… You can’t write this [bleep]!” said one. 

“Get over yourself,” they added.

“Love Lewis Hamilton…But that dog looks depressed looking at that fruit and veg,” said another.

“Lewis Hamilton has clearly breathed in too many fumes… My dog eats meat, fruit and vegetables.. if you really love your dog treat it like a dog,” said another.

“@LewisHamilton has gone too far feeding his dog vegan meals. That’s not his right to decide,” said another.

“Simple answer,” declared another. “Dogs are born meat eaters, humans are born meat eaters, if you’re vegan good for you – STOP!! Pushing it onto people and now onto dogs!!!!”

“If you’re a vegan it doesn’t mean your dog has to be. Use your [bleep]ing common sense,” urged another.

Richard bacon gmb
Lewis Hamilton feeds his dog a vegan diet – and flies him on a private jet (Credit: ITV)

Animal cruelty?

Others said that it was “cruelty at its highest level”.

“What a load of crap trying to turn a dog vegan? Cruelty at its highest level. Lewis Hamilton you are a disgrace promoting this crap,” said one angry viewer.

Another agreed that feeding a dog a vegan diet is “extremely cruel”.

“Forced vegan diet cruel cruel cruel,” another concluded.

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