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Thursday 6th August 2020

GMB hosts shocked as guest unzips trousers live on air

Kate Garraway was forced to cut the interview short

Kate Garraway and Ranvir Singh were left shocked during Friday's Good Morning Britain after a guest unzipped his trousers live on air.

To honour Father's Day this weekend, the pair were joined by Fathers4Justice campaigner Matt O'Connor to debate whether it's time to ditch the celebration.

Matt was also joined by child development specialist Ollwyn Moran but it wasn't long before the chat descended into chaos.

Matt said Father's Day shouldn't be scrapped (Credit: ITV)

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Near the end of the debate, Matt told the hosts: "I'm just going to say one important thing here, I've been made to feel like an outcast today in this studio.

"I was put, not in the green room with Ollwyn, but I was dumped outside.

"I'm going to say one thing, I'm going to show you my balls."

Kate, Ranvir and Ollwyn looked horrified as Matt stood up and started to unzip his trousers.

As the hosts shouted "no, no no," Matt undid his flies and whipped out two pairs of fake balls from his trousers.

Kate and Ranvir were horrified as Matt unzipped his trousers (Credit: ITV)

I'm going to say one thing, I'm going to show you my balls.

Matt added: "Balls, balls to a fatherless Father's Day."

Attempting to defuse the situation, Ranvir told Matt: "Can I just apologise if you felt like that."

"That would be a technical reason," Kate added. "I'm just going to explain that, it's how we conduct our debates.

"We always separate guests that are going to be part of the debate."

But Matt still wasn't happy as he hit back: "Rubbish, I've been coming here for the last 20 years and I've never been treated like that.

"That's just typical of how we treat fathers."

Matt flung out two pairs of fake balls from his trousers (Credit: ITV)

Kate replied: "I will talk to you afterwards about today but we always separate guests who are going to be part of a debate.

"I think you've slightly let dads down there."

Viewers watching from home were left shocked by the exchange and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

The official Fathers4Justice Twitter page also commented on the incident.

They wrote: "In protest at being treated like an outcast by Good Morning Britain @GMB Fathers4Justice founder Matt O’Connor gets his 'balls' out on national television. Say balls to a fatherless Father’s Day!

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“Lobbying for dads’ rights on TV this morning + against a fatherless Father’s Day.

"Thanks to our #KnittingNans @knittingnans for making such lovely balls! (Shame @gmb didn’t like them) Matt O’C."

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