GMB fans have mixed reaction to woman who was jailed for keeping salon open during lockdown

Shelley Luther insisted she has safety measures in place

Viewers of GMB were divided over a woman who was jailed for keeping her salon open during lockdown.

Shelley Luther from Dallas, Texas, publicly tore up her cease-and-desist order at an Open Texas protest last month.

She was sentenced to a week in prison for keeping her salon A La Mode open, however, Gov Greg Abbott ensured early release after two days.

GMB guest
Shelley Luther was jailed for two days for keeping her salon open (Credit: ITV)

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What did she say?

Shelley said: “We had been closed for a month and my hairdressers were telling me they couldn’t pay their mortgage and having a hard time feeding their families.

“I was kind of in the same position.

“I thought for sanitation reasons, it would be smarter and more responsible for me to open the salon where I could control the environment.”

She continued: “I knew I was going to get a visit from the police and in to some trouble but not to what extent.”

GMB guest
Shelley defended her decision on GMB (Credit: ITV)

When asked what the two days in prison were like, Shelley said: “Just exactly what you think it would be like.

“I’ve never been to prison or jail before and it’s definitely not a fun thing.”

Host Ranvir Singh asked: “Was it worth it?”

Shelley replied: “Oh absolutely. My hair salon, when I opened it on April 24th, has not closed since even when I was in jail.

“My hair stylists were able to get back to work and providing for their families.

“Yes, there is a virus going around but we’re all responsible adults and we can take the proper precautions.

“If people don’t want to come in, that’s their right to.”

Shelley said her case is still in the Texas Supreme Court now and isn’t bothered about having a criminal record.

Shelley has set up social distancing measures in the salon, with perspex screens between the salon worker and client.

Face masks and gloves are also worn.

Viewers were divided over Shelley’s decision to keep her salon open.

GMB guest
Shelley ensures safety measures are in place in her salon (Credit: ITV)

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What did they say?

One person said on Twitter: “Never mind the danger to life then, at least we can die with a good haircut!”

Another wrote: “Got no idea how she feels, mainly because I’m not a selfish person.”

A third added: “Able to work, probably killed a few thousand.”

However, others defended Shelley.

One tweeted: “I fully support her!!!!!” while another said: “Good for you Shelley well done, I can’t wait to go back.”

Another commented: “Good for her, the entire #covid lockdown fiasco is based on bad science and governments’ distortions of the truth.”

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