GMB's Dr Sarah Jarvis clears up face mask confusion

GMB’s Dr Sarah Jarvis clears up face mask confusion as worried Brits report breathlessness

The doctor gave her top tips on Good Morning Britain

GMB’s Dr Sarah Jarvis has set the record straight on face masks.

It is mandatory to wear one on public transport and will become compulsory in shops and supermarkets from Friday (July 24).

Dr Sarah Jarvis GMB (Credit: ITV)
GMB’s Dr Sarah Jarvis has set the record straight on face masks (Credit: ITV)

Dr Sarah Jarvis clears up face mask rumours

But some Brits have complained of experiencing shortness of breath while sporting a face covering.

Setting the record straight, Dr Sarah confirmed that breathlessness is not caused by face masks.

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“You may think that you’re breathless because of the mask but in fact you’re breathless because of anxiety,” the GP explained.

“If you have something on your face, you may well feel anxious about it and so naturally will start to feel more short of breath.

“The reason for that is that you have more adrenaline and adrenaline naturally makes you want to breathe more and make you feel breathless.”

Dr Sarah’s comments come after Irish GP Maitiu O Tuathail filmed a viral video to dispel face mask rumours.

In the clip, he puts on six masks while using a machine to monitor his oxygen levels in his blood.

Throughout the process, his oxygen levels remained at 99%.

Irish GP Maitiu O Tuathail (Credit: ITV)
Dr Maitiu O Tuathail has proved that the face covering do not affect oxygen levels (Credit: ITV)

Face mask tips

Speaking on GMB today (July 22), Dr Sarah gave viewers advice on how to wear their masks.

“If you do fiddle with them constantly and you haven’t was he your hands, you could contaminate your face, so it’s good idea to start wearing one when you’re at home,” she said.

“Get into the habit of putting it on just using the straps and not touching your face when you take it on or off.

“Don’t wear it under your chin and not dangling it around one ear because none of those things work.

“And not under your nose please!”

Ben Shephard GMB (Credit: ITV)
Ben Shephard’s children have been wearing their face masks (Credit: ITV)

Best practice for children

Under current guidelines, children under 11 do not have to wear face masks in England.

However, Dr Sarah emphasised to parents that it’s good practice for children to get used to them.

Ben Shephard revealed his wife and children had all sported face masks during a shopping trip yesterday.

He commented: “They all commented on the fact that it wasn’t comfortable but once you’ve had it on for a bit, you kind of get used to it.”

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