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GMB fans turn on Dr Hilary Jones for the first time after explosive debate with Piers Morgan

Good Morning Britains viewers are usually full of praise for the doctor

GMB fans turned on Dr Hilary Jones for the first time today (May 13).

Those tuning in at home were less than impressed after ITV’s resident doctor got into a debate with Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan on GMB
Piers Morgan criticised the government’s response to coronavirus on GMB (Credit: ITV)

Piers Morgan and Dr Hilary go head-to-head

As the pair discussed the UK’s response to the coronavirus pandemic on Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary repeatedly defended the government’s actions.

He insisted: “We’re carrying out more tests than Korea, Germany or France.”

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When Piers pointed out that Wuhan was preparing to test all 11 million residents, the doctor wasn’t convinced.

“Are they? I’m not sure sure they are. I don’t believe you take that as gospel,” he hit back.

“We have to be careful not to compare ourselves to other countries that our supposedly doing better than us.

“An antibody test that is being sold to us in millions which doesn’t work is worse than no test at all.”

GMB's Dr Hilary Jones (Credit: ITV)
Dr Hilary Jones defended the government on GMB (Credit: ITV)

Dr Hilary defends government

Dr Hilary also defended the government’s decision to allow people to return to work but not visit family members at home.

He explained: “When we’re in contact with our families and those dearest to us, we tend to be more intimate.

“We tend to want to hug them, get closer to them and spend much longer with them than we would someone looking at our house.

“The government is saying that if you’re with an extended member of your family, you are much more likely to transmit the virus.”

GMB fans react

Following the heated debate, many GMB viewers found themselves disagreeing with Dr Hilary for the first time.

“I find Dr Hilary‘s defence of the Covid-19 death figures concerning,” one wrote on Twitter.

“He’s doing a great job as a government spin doctor!! C’mon Dr Hilary please stop defending this inept government!”

Another then added: “Why is Dr Hilary protesting too much and gone red in the face.?

“He definitely work for Hancock and the Gov; its soo obvious he has been doing it for weeks. You can’t defend the un defendable.”

GMB's Dr Hilary Jones (Credit: ITV)
GMB fans turned on Dr Hilary for the first time (Credit: ITV)

Moments later, a third wrote: “Dr Hilary definitely wants to move in to politics after all this. He’s so behind the Tories, it’s actually sickening.”

A fourth tweeted: “Please stop it, Dr Hilary! Trying to endorse this with poor decisions made by those at the helm.

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“You’re making yourself look as foolish as many of these MPs. #spotthetory.”

Despite the heated discussion, Piers and Dr Hilary ended the segment by agreeing to disagree.

“Hilary, it’s always good to spend the first half an hour arguing with you,” the presenter quipped.

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