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Tuesday 26th May 2020

Good Morning Britain crew get revenge on Piers Morgan as they take him OFF AIR

We all know who is really in charge over there

Viewers were left laughing this morning after Good Morning Britain producers pulled the plug on its presenter Piers Morgan.

The incident happened after the controversial host complained about his behind-the-scenes colleagues, saying he had "lost confidence" in them.

Susanna couldn't resist rolling her eyes at Piers (Credit: ITV)

His co-host, Susanna Reid joked that he hadn't got his lines right on the autocue, and he complained that he "didn't believe [what he was] seeing on that screen."

He added: "I have lost confidence in the gallery's ability to deliver. They're a bit like Theresa May at the moment - they promise on that screen what we have and then nothing happens."

They retaliated by immediately taking him off air, leaving those watching at home with a black screen.

The cameras focused on Charlotte instead (Credit: ITV)

When the show returned, they kept the camera focused away from controversial Piers, 53, instead putting co-presenter Charlotte Hawkins centre-stage. Piers had to admit: "They have got the ultimate power. They can yank the plug."

Piers getting picked on yet again..on air bullying surely

But he then warned the team: "And then viewers would rebel and you'll all have to lose your jobs."

It followed the dad-of-four moaning about Tuesday's show after the wrong date was announced, saying: "It wasn't deliberate. Literally someone's asleep - but they won't be when we finish with them. 11th of December 2018. Whoever that was had one job, one job; to press a button.

There is nothing Piers won't rant about (Credit: ITV)

"We have to own our mistakes live on air so why should they be allowed to hide when they give the wrong date to the entire country? And it's actually last year, it's not even this year!"

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The production crew weren't the only ones on set feeling irritated by the disgraced journalist's histrionics.

Susanna, 48, rolled her eyes over her co-star being "deliberately obtuse" during a discussion on body hair.

When he asked about her own, she told him it was "far too intrusive a question."

Viewers were divided by the morning's drama, with one branding Piers: "Intolerable man! Good Morning Britain should be renamed....The Piers Morgan Show! Good luck Susannah!" Another wrote: "How you keep so calm with him I do not know."

Charlotte and Susanna are his long-suffering co-hosts (Credit: ITV)

A third complained: "This programme is just Piers' televised twitter feed. Predictable."

Others defended the star, joking: "Piers getting picked on yet again..on air bullying surely😉😂😂."

Another added: "At least he speaks the truth and doesn't brown nose!!!"

Piers is making any friends behind the scenes (Credit: ITV)

While one more insisted: "Piers makes this show the best it has ever been, it's got some light laughable moments, considering the [bleep] news they have to report on everyday."

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We don't envy the production team on GMB. We're not sure anyone could keep a lid on Piers Morgan.

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