Charlotte Hawkins on GMB

GMB: Charlotte Hawkins apologises to guest after ‘ridiculous’ interview

Ben was desperate to hear the story

GMB presenter Charlotte Hawkins had to apologise to a guest after her interview was marred by a series of “ridiculous” technical blunders.

During Wednesday (July 15) morning’s episode of Good Morning Britain, hosts Ben Shephard and Charlotte spoke to a woman who wasn’t aware she was pregnant until she started to give birth.

Charlotte Hawkins had to apologise when the guest’s interview kept cutting out (Credit: ITV)

What happened during the GMB interview?

The guest, Charlotte Wheeler Smith, was told by doctors that she probably just had wind.

But it wasn’t until she went into labour that she found out she was carrying a baby girl.

Unfortunately, as she appeared on the programme via video link, he connection was patchy and those in the studio struggled to catch what she was saying.

They couldn’t hear Charlotte Wheeler Smith’s incredible story (Credit: ITV)

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Afterwards, Charlotte issued an apology to the guest as she promised the crew were in the process of establishing a better connection.

And Ben, fuming as he was eager to hear the story, branded the situation “ridiculous”.

Charlotte Hawkins said: “Oh Charlotte, I’m so sorry. We’re having a bit of difficulty with the sound, actually.

“Some of the sound is cutting out on your line. What we’re going to do is, we’re just going to have a little break. We’re going to sort out the connection to you, try to establish that so we can hear you a little bit more clearly. Because it is…

Ben then said, frustrated: “We need the details! This is ridiculous!”

Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins on GMB
Ben was gutted as he wanted all the details (Credit: ITV)

Charlotte agreed: “I know, we’re hanging on her every word.”

Technical errors

Just as the line dropped out, Charlotte said: “We’ll come back to you to hear the rest of the story.”

Sure enough, they managed to get Charlotte back on shortly after.

It followed a technical error that saw weatherwoman Laura Tobin cut off mid-sentence during a chat about gin.

Laura Tobin on GMB
Earlier on GMB, weatherwoman Laura Tobin was interrupted by a Boxt Boilders ad (Credit: ITV)

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Ben was talking about a special bottle he received that was made using ingredients from Buckingham Palace. He made a segue into the weather, inviting Laura to comment.

But as the meteorologist started to chime in, an advert for Boxt Boilers played over her voice, completely cutting her off.

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