GBBO viewers ENRAGED as Prue Leith gives away the winner before tonight’s final

What a mistake to make

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Social media is a joyful thing for many reasons – but it also has its downsides… for us that’s the danger of a spoiler to our fave shows being leaked.

There’s not much you can do about blabber mouths wanting to spoil everyone’s anticipation, though.

One thing you don’t expect to happen is the judge of a major show revealing the outcome of a final before it’s aired, thus negating all those weeks you’ve dedicated to tuning in

That just wouldn’t happen, right? WRONG. Poor old Prue Leith has managed to blow tonight’s Great British Bake Off by tweeting about the winner this morning…

Prue is probably not smiling right now |(Credit: Channel)

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We have removed the name from her tweet, in case you’ve managed to avoid seeing it elsewhere.

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It’s unclear how such a major balls up came into play.

There are reports that she is in Bhutan and messed up with the time difference…

Perhaps she meant to schedule the tweet for after tonight’s show and accidentally published it instead.

Maybe her account has been hacked.

Who knows. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted, though… there is bound to be an explanation once Prue has wiped off the egg on her face.

Some people saw the funny side of it though…

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