Gary Windass to ‘discover the truth about David Platt’s rape ordeal’

Could help come from an unexpected place?

Corrie fans are wondering if Gary Windass could be the one to discover David Platt’s rape secret after he confessed to girlfriend Sarah that he thinks her brother needs help.

Viewers were left shocked earlier this week when David took on Gary in the charity boxing match and beat him to a pulp leaving him with a brain bleed.

Gary told Sarah things didn’t add up (Credit: ITV)

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But while the rest of the Street have turned against the tormented hairdresser, believing David was giving Gary what for after he cheated on Sarah with Nicola Rubinstein last year, Gary isn’t so sure.

Speaking from his hospital bed, the builder told Sarah that the attack didn’t make sense and he reckons there’s more to it than meets the eye.

He said: “It doesn’t make sense, does it?

“I don’t think it was anything to do with me at all. I think I just happened to be there when he cracked. He just had this look in his eye, like more panic than anger. Like he thought he was somewhere else.

David left Gary needing hospital treatment (Credit: ITV)

“I seriously don’t think he knew what he was doing. I think he needs help, Sarah.”

He certainly does.

David’s erratic behaviour has been confusing those around him as he broke up with girlfriend Shona Ramsey and threw her out of his house, after deciding he was going to move his family to New Zealand.

His nearest and dearest don’t know what’s going on but viewers know that David is struggling mentally since he was raped by Josh Tucker last month.

Since the attack Josh has been steadily manipulating those around David, leaving him even more confused and angry.

Gary is the only one who’s noticed how troubled David is (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans have been pleading with Sarah to listen to Gary who is the only one so far to realise that something is seriously wrong with David.

They took to Twitter, hoping Gary will be the one to help David through this difficult time.

“I hope Gary is the one to work out what’s up with David. Someone has to, and soon, before he flips again and goes even further,” said one viewer on Twitter.

“So glad Gary had cottoned on that David had snapped and the beating wasn’t aimed at him. Gary was right in what he said to Sarah, David needs help. I just hope David speaks out soon!” added another.

A third commented: “Gary and David have never once seen eye to eye and even gary can see that something is wrong with David.”

While a fourth said: “Gary on to David he knows something’s up now will David tell all.”

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Will Gary be the hero of the day and get the truth out of David?

We hope somebody does soon.

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