Gangs of London 2

Gangs of London 2: Latest news on the second series of the Sky Atlantic drama

Joe Cole heads the cast as Sean Wallace in the violent, stylish Sky Antlantic thriller

Gangs of London is currently being repeated on Sky Atlantic but will there be a series two?

When and how can I watch it? Here’s everything you need to know!

Gangs of London cast series two
Gangs of London will return for series two in 2022 (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

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Gangs of London series two: when will it start?

Sky Atlantic has recommissioned Gangs of London for a second series.

The upcoming series is due to air in 2022.

Actor Sope Dirisu explained the second season of Gangs of London is set to go into production within “the next few months”.

The actor has spoken of his excitement at working on the second season.

He told the Press Association: “I haven’t [seen any scripts] but we are hoping to go into production in the next few months, COVID permitting.”

It’s no surprise the series was recommissioned.

It became Sky Atlantic’s biggest ever original drama launch, bigger even than Chernobyl and Save Me.

Zai Bennett, Sky UK’s Managing Director of Content, said: “Gangs of London is Sky’s most binged premiere box-set this year.

“It’s the biggest original drama launch on Sky Atlantic of the past five years.

“It’s dark, dangerous and we are thrilled it is coming back for a second series.”

How can I watch it?

Gangs of London series two will air on Sky Atlantic and on the streaming service NOW.

Sky Atlantic are currently repeating series one of the drama, beginning Wednesday April 28 2021 at 9pm.

BAFTA has nominated the nine-part series for two awards.

The first series is currently available to watch in its entirety on Sky Atlantic.

Each episode is just under an hour long.

Marcella star Ray Panthaki stars as Jevan Kapadia in Gangs of London (Credit: Sky Atlantic)
Marcella star Ray Panthaki stars as Jevan Kapadia in Gangs of London (Credit: Sky Atlantic)

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Gangs of London series one: what’s it all about?

The series was first seen a year ago and went on to become one of Sky Atlantic’s biggest hits of 2020.

It’s a violent, stylish nine-part thriller from Gareth Evans, the Welsh director responsible for the 2011 martial arts film The Raid.

Critics described it as “more Guy Ritchie than Top Boy”.

The series tells the story of London being torn apart by the turbulent power struggles of its international gangs.

A hitman assassinates the head of London’s most powerful crime family, which creates a sudden power vacuum.

Gangs of London explores the explosive fallout following the assassination of powerful mob boss Finn Wallace.

Son Sean then fights to maintain control amongst fierce opposition.

Former Peaky Blinder cast member Joe Cole heads the cast as Sean Wallace.

His Dark Materials star Lucian Msamati stars, as does former EastEnders and Marcella actor Ray Panthaki.

I May Destroy You’s Paapa Essiedu appears, alongside Games of Thrones’ Michelle Fairley.

Gangs of London series two: what we know so far!

The first run of episodes wrapped up a number of storylines, but also left several threads purposefully dangling.

Scriptwriters posed several big questions, especially related to Finn’s enigmatic “investors” whose (mostly) unseen presence cast a dark shadow over the first season.

The show’s co-creator and writer Gareth Evans told Sky News: “We have to wait and see, but there’s certainly scope and availability there for the story threads to be picked up again and for those journeys to continue.”

Director Xavier Gens also told Den of Geek that he expects “a new, big antagonist” to debut in the second season.

He said: “We need to create a new one because the body count of the first season is quite elevated!”

What happened at the end of series one?

The first season of Gangs of London ended with many major characters in trouble.

Ed Dumani shot Marian who feigned death, but she actually survived the gunshot wound and found an unexpected ally in Floriana, Finn’s mistress.

Elsewhere, Shannon and Sean discovered Elliot’s identity as an undercover cop, leading to Shannon taking the life of his handler Vicky.

In a final twist, Elliot betrayed Sean, shooting him on the orders of the Investors, who’d threatened the lives of both Shannon and her son.

Some fans are convinced that, despite taking a bullet to the head and apparently being declared dead by the police, Sean Wallace may still be alive…

Sky Atlantic is currently repeating Gangs of London series one, beginning Wednesday April 28 2021 at 9pm.

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