Furious viewers brand Jemma Lucy “vile” as she blasts Dangerous Danan in another outrageous CBB row

Paul accused her of being "threatening"

Celebrity Big Brother viewers were disgusted by the way Jemma Lucy lashed out at Paul Danan. She shouted at him for making up with Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding.

Jemma Lucy and Paul had previously been accused of bullying Sarah, 35, who is having a tough time in the house.

Ex on the Beach star Jemma, 28, said that Paul, 39, “betrayed” her and described him as a “snaky rat”.

She shouted: “You [expletive] her off every day then hug her the next minute.

“All I do is stand up for you when she’s cutting you.

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Paul described Jemma Lucy as “threatening”.

Fans of the show voiced their outrage on Twitter.

“Wow Jemma Lucy is everything I detest in a person,” wrote one. “So shocked how sensitive Sarah is though. Wonder how she got by in Girls Aloud. #CBBUK.”

Another described reality star Jemma as “just vile”.

“If @bbuk are serious about unwanted abuse, they should haul #jemmalucy & #pauldanan over the coals for bullying. Poor Sarah. #CBB.” wrote another viewer.

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Former Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is also appalled. “Jemma and Trisha are absolutely revolting. They are SO transparent with their jealousy of Sarah, it’s repulsive to be honest,” she wrote.

Sarah has been seen breaking down in the house after confrontations with Paul and Jemma Lucy.

“I honestly feel Sarah Harding is too good for #cbb. 1 5th of the biggest girl band in the UK and now sitting with the likes of Jemma Lucy,” wrote one viewer.

Her estranged dad has called for his daughter to leave the house.

“It would be in her best interests if Celebrity Big Brother arranged for her to leave – her health is in jeopardy,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“I can’t bear to see my daughter break down and be forced to open her heart once more about her insecurities and vulnerabilities in front of cameras. It’s cruel TV.”