Furious viewers blast The Island With Bear Grylls for “planting” food and nets

Channel 4 show faces more criticism

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The Island With Bear Grylls has been plunged into yet another “fix” row after viewers accused the show of “planting” food and a huge fishing net.

They cried foul when three guinea fowl just happened to wander near camp, and even suspected the birds had been “drugged” so that art dealer Barnes could easily capture and slaughter them.

The “poor” campmates, meanwhile, stumbled upon an enormous, fully intact, “conveniently placed” net on the shoreline and used it to catch a fish for dinner.

The “poor camp” finds the fishing net (Credit: Channel 4)

Last night’s episode saw the starving Channel 4 islanders resorting to desperate measures to find something to eat, including a disastrous raft voyage, and ended up having to be rescued by the show’s emergency team when the flimsy vessel sank.

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It had been several days since any of the islanders had eaten meat or had a decent meal, and malnutrition was kicking in.

Barnes slaughters one of the birds (Credit: Channel 4)

So the food and fishing equipment were a lucky break for the campmates — too lucky, in the opinion of many viewers who vented their fury on Twitter.

Barnes’s team were foraging near their camp when they heard the call of the guinea fowl.

They swung into action, caught the animals and wrung their necks, before cooking them for dinner.

The islanders stretch out the huge fishing net (Credit: Channel 4)

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It was fortuitous timing as Mercedes had spent much of the episode vomiting and sleeping through exhaustion. She decided to quit the island at the end of the show.

Entertainment Daily has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

* The Island With Bear Grylls continues on Channel 4 at 9pm next Monday.

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