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Furious Piers Morgan slams Emmerdale’s female-only episode as ‘virtue-signalling poppycock’

Exasperated GMB host laid into soap’s International Women's Day celebrations

Piers Morgan believes Emmerdale’s upcoming episode produced by and featuring only women is a ‘virtue-signalling’ stunt.

The presenter unleashed a furious tirade against the all-female instalment of the ITV soap to mark International Women’s Day on Good Morning Britain earlier today.

Piers, 53, ranted that “feminazis” would be up in arms if he was successful in campaigning for male-only shows.

Addressing studio guests Linda Lusardi and journalist Dawn Neesom, an animated Piers dominated the discussion, gesticulating wildly and talking over everyone else taking part.

GMB (Credit: ITV Hub)
Piers in full flow talking over four women (Credit: ITV Hub)

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He demanded: “Try and explain to me why this isn’t just a load of old virtue-signalling, PC-crazed poppycock.”

And although Dawn seemed to partially side with Piers’ take by noting she found the efforts “patronising”, Piers later took a cheap shot as he claimed a similar approach focusing on men would enrage activists.

He banged on: “Women need men as much as men need women.

“And the best Emmerdale is when you have – as we have now – storylines involving men and women, [and] great producers who are male and female.”

The Emmerdale ep airs this Friday (Credit: ITV)

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Adding he felt there would be uproar if Corrie was staffed entirely by a male cast and crew, he raged: “Feminazis would go berserk, you watch. You watch it – they’d erupt!”

Many viewers addressing comments to the programme’s Twitter account on the subject seemed to agree with Piers’ take.

“I blame the Spice Girls, me!” said one person.

“It is sexist against men,” claimed another.

A different viewer tweeted: “It’s supposed to be about equality, not women taking over.”

And a fourth added: “I think we’ve had enough of all this – yes women are equal and important and make a great contribution but let’s move on.”

However, another commenter remarked: “Women have always held the power. Men don’t necessarily realise that’s the case!”

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