Furious I’m A Celebrity viewers are sick of Iain Lee ‘being bullied’

The radio presenter is being put through an ordeal in the jungle and fans are sick of it

I’m A Celebrity viewers have been left furious by the treatment of Iain Lee again.

Dennis Wise, Amir Khan and Jamie Lomas were vocal about Talk Radio host Iain Lee taking on the bush tucker challenge, but then seemed to go out of their way to belittle him and viewers have had enough.

One viewer blasted: “Iain being bullied and nothing being done about it is completely wrong. Get amir, Jamie and Dennis out!!”

Iain triumphed in the trial without any help from the ‘bullies’ (Credit: ITV)
Viewers have just had enough of Dennis’ comments (Credit: ITV)

“Really dislike Amir, Dennis and Jamie there all bullies poor Iain hasn’t done anything wrong #imaceleb,” said another.

A third wrote: “Can’t decide whether it would be funnier for Iain to say ‘those words’ just to [expletive] Dennis, Jamie and Amir off or for him to get all the stars #imaceleb”

Another added: “For the next bush tucker trial, Amir, Jamie and Dennis should have to sit and be nice to other people for 10 minutes.”

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Another tweeted: “Actually just want Ant & Dec to walk into camp and tell Dennis, Jamie and Amir to pipe down. [Expletive] bullies. #ImACeleb”

Before heading into the challenge, Dennis needled Iain and told him: “Promise me you won’t say those words.”

“I don’t want to not win stars, because that brings the mood of the camp down and I made my point to him the other day and I’m hoping that point has crossed his mind” said Dennis after Iain had left.

Jamie has been slammed by viewers too (Credit: ITV)
Amir went too far in tonight’s episode according to fans (Credit: ITV)

“What if he comes back with no stars?” asked Amir.

“I’m going to go ape[expletive], I don’t think he will though” said Dennis.

“If he’s playing a game, he might do just to [expletive] us off” said Amir.

“It’s a game,” added Jamie.

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Earlier Amir had upset Iain by telling him he had messed a lot of things up by coming into the jungle, claiming he was still upset by what Iain had made him do as the camp prime minister.

He said: “What Iain was doing was giving all this to everyone which was making me look small so I like to remind him what he was like.”

But viewers weren’t impressed with one saying: “Amir Khan is a BULLY WHO is a disgrace AND needs to STOP his vile attacks ON Iain.”