Friends reunion cast

Friends reunion cast fans ‘gutted’ with special guests as it’s labelled a ‘celebrity circus’

The show premieres on May 27 on HBO Max

Friends fans appear “gutted” over its upcoming reunion episode, as a string of celebrity guests will join the cast.

On Thursday (May 13), Jennifer Aniston sent her followers into a frenzy as she unveiled the first look trailer on Instagram.

However, it appears the excitement was short lived for some.

Friends reunion: What happened in the trailer?

The short clip showed Jennifer alongside her co-stars.

The actress was joined by Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.

As a piano version of the iconic theme-tune played in the background, the group were seen walking together.

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A caption then teased the special as: “The One Where They Get Back Together.”

Following the trailer, new details of the special episode emerged.

As well as the famous cast, the special will also feature a series of celebrity guests.

Friends reunion
Friends is returning for a special episode later this month (Credit: YouTube)

David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne and James Corden are expected to appear.

Furthermore, Justin Bieber and Kit Harrington will also feature.

However, some fans disapproved of the decision.

How did Friends fans react?

On Twitter, one said: “I was excited for the reunion.. I’ll give it a miss now though, why the guests?! Not needed, not at all.”

A second shared: “Not watching. That list just ensured many will avoid the show. It should have just been about the Friends but now it’s a celebrity circus.”

In addition, a third wrote: “If they wanted guest stars they could pull a hundred big names that were actually ON the show!”

A fourth complained: “That #FriendsReunion with 500 celebrity cameos has got hot mess written all over it.”

Another tweeted: “We don’t want or need any of them, we just want the original cast members. Flinging guest stars at a thing doesn’t make it better, far from it, it often detracts from the story. I hope they use them sparingly.”

Furthermore, a sixth added: “James Corden has ruined it for me. Wtf is his connection?”

‘It’s a hard pass from me’

Meanwhile, others were disappointed with the format of the show.

Another commented: “Was really gutted to hear the big Friends reunion episode isn’t an actual episode! It’s just the 6 of them on the set talking about the show.”

A second wrote: “This #FriendsReunion episode sounds really dull. They’re not even playing their characters. Just sitting there talking about the show. It’s a hard pass from me.”

A third shared: “This is not a new episode. It will probably be them talking about behind the scenes stuff while celebrities gush over the show.”

However, the majority of viewers appeared delighted with the upcoming episode.

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One excited fan tweeted: “I can’t wait to watch this and see what the surprises are. I loved Friends growing up and it’s a series I’ve probably watched all the way through dozens of times.”

Furthermore, another said: “I’m so so excited for the #FriendsReunion omg omg.”

The iconic series originally ran from 1994 to 2004.

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