Fresh fears for Love Island’s Amy as Curtis teaches Maura to dance

He refused to teach Amy when they were dating

Poor Amy Hart on Love Island has been through it.

After being dumped by Curtis Pritchard, whose head turned for Island newcomer Jourdan, it looks like she’s about to be dealt even more humiliation on Sunday night.

A preview clip for the next episode shows professional ballroom dancer Curtis teaching Maura to dance – after refusing time and time again to teach Amy.

Amy and Curtis break up Love Island
Amy and Curtis broke up from their half relationship (Credit: ITV)

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Just earlier in Friday night’s episode Amy confronted him and he admitted he’d never wanted to dance with her.

And Maura and Curtis’ moves don’t go unnoticed by Amy, who in response calls Curtis a “[Bleep].”

Fans have voiced their concern for Amy’s wellbeing on Twitter, with some fearing she won’t be able to cope with this latest blow.

One user wrote, “Poor Amy, Curtis never taught her how to dance yet at the first chance he gets he gives Maura a twirl.”

Maura is suddenly interested in the newly single Curtis (Credit: ITV)

Another wrote, “I don’t like Amy but Curtis is trying to put her in a early grave, the disrespect will break her.

“You didn’t want to dance with her but you’re going to dance with Maura…I mean the poor girl has been so embarrassed on national TV.”

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And a third referenced the reports that Amy had had to leave the villa earlier that day for mental health support following her break-up with Curtis:

“After seeing him dance with Maura I’m not surprised Amy needed time out the villa dude that must’ve broke her #loveisland.”

Indeed Amy’s post break-up breakdown on Wednesday night sparked over 200 Ofcom complaints, with many reportedly voicing their concern over the state of her mental health.

Maura is understandably upset to witness the pair dancing. (Credit: ITV)

Amy, an flight attendant, confessed to having never had a proper boyfriend before entering the villa.

Coupling up with Curtis almost straight away, Curtis went on to call her his “half-girlfriend” before brutally dumping her once Casa Amor opened up shop.

Love Island will continue on Sunday night on ITV2 at 9pm.

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