Holly Willoughby and Lee Mack on Freeze the Fear on BBC One

Freeze the Fear viewers all have same complaint after episode 2

Last night's show divided viewers

Freeze the Fear viewers all had the same complaint to make after episode 2 of the BBC show last night (Tuesday, April 19).

Fans of the show were seriously unimpressed with the challenges last night, with many expecting much more than the celebrities just taking cold showers!

Wim Hof in Freeze the Fear on BBC One
The show, which features Wim Hof, drew criticism from viewers last night (Credit: BBC)

Freeze the Fear on BBC

The second episode of BBC One’s Freeze the Fear saw the celebrities take on more sub-zero challenges.

Last week, the celebrities had to jump into a freezing cold lake.

Last night, things weren’t as extreme for the celebrities.

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Yesterday’s episode saw the celebrities pushed to their limits… by taking a really cold shower for 15 seconds.

Things did get a lot more interesting later on in the show, however, when Wim Hof guided the celebrities through some breathing techniques.

These weren’t any old breathing techniques though! These breathing techniques saw some of the celebrities break down in tears.

Dianne Buswell and Owain Wyn Evans in Freeze the Fear on BBC One
Dianne Buswell and Owain Wyn Evans braved the cold, but viewers were unimpressed (Credit: BBC)

Whilst spending 15 minutes in freezing cold showers may have been challenging for the celebrities, viewers weren’t impressed.

Many headed to Twitter to moan about the cold shower challenge.

“Had high hopes for #FreezeTheFear and I’m sat watching a bunch of people have a 15 second cold shower?” one viewer tweeted.

“A cold shower. Really. It’s hardly SAS is it?” another wrote.

I’m watching people having a shower...And it’s going very slowly,” a third said.

“Who’d have thought 20 minutes of people taking cold showers could be so… utterly boring,” another wrote.

“I can’t believe the BBC has a show about celebrities taking a cold shower and then being congratulated on the achievement,” a fifth moaned.

Holly Willoughby and Lee Mack on Freeze the Fear on BBC One
The show divided viewers again last night (Credit: BBC)

Freeze the Fear review

Viewers were pretty divided over the show following last night’s episode. Some were seriously unimpressed with the second episode.

“So tonight we watched a bunch of Z list celebs having a shower followed by them lying on the floor crying. Can’t wait for next week,” one viewer wrote.

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However, some viewers really enjoyed last night’s show.

“#FreezeTheFear was POWERFUL tonight. And they were just BREATHING,” one viewer said.

I am loving #FreezeTheFear it’s now got me wanting to get the cold showers and those breathing techniques Wim got the celebs to do,” another wrote. 

Freeze the Fear continues on Tuesday, April 26 at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

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