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Fredrik Ferrier on Made in Chelsea: How old is he? Did he and Sophie Hermann ever date?

He's one of the originals!

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Fredrik Ferrier is a reality star from the hit E4 series Made in Chelsea.

This posh young man was born in Surrey, but grew up in Norway.

He is of Icelandic and English descent and has also lived in America, Denmark and Russia.

So what does Fredrik do outside of Made in Chelsea? How old is he? And just how rich is he?

We answer all of your burning Fredrik questions below…

Fredrik Ferrier
Fredrik Ferrier is a musician, reality star and former model (Credit: SplashNews)

How old is Made in Chelsea star Fredrik Ferrier?

Fredrik is 32. He was born on May 16, 1989.

Ge was on the first-ever episode of Made in Chelsea.

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In fact, he was cast for the show through his friendship with Francis Boulle.

They went to school together and Francis encouraged him to sign up for the show along with him back in 2011.

Fredrik Ferrier
Fredrik Ferrier is a Made in Chelsea OG! (Credit: SplashNews)

Speaking to IndustryMe, Fredrik explained how it all came about: “It was Francis. We went to school together and I’ve known him since I was about 13.

“He was speaking with a casting director and mentioned them wanting to film a show about his life and he showed me this pilot for the show, which at the time was called Chelsea Girls.

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“I thought I’m not going to be a part of a show called Chelsea Girls, which sounds like some sort of dodgy club. He was adamant that it was legit, so I went to visit [the producers] in their Shoreditch offices. The thing that got me to agree to do it was the fact that there were so many of us doing it…”

What is Fredrik Ferrier’s net worth?

Fredrik’s net worth is unconfirmed. This mysterious chap hasn’t revealed much about his private wealth.

However, given his impressive connections and posh background, we imagine he is worth at least a couple of million.

In fact, according to Heightnetworth, Fredrik is estimated to be worth between £700,000 and £3.5 million.

Fredrik Ferrier
Fredrik and Sophie Hermann get on like a house on fire (Credit: E4)

Is Fredrik Ferrier a singer?

Fredrik is indeed a singer and a musician. He has revealed some of his musical offerings on Made in Chelsea across the years.

His music videos and covers are available on YouTube, including his latest pop/dance tune, You.

What’s more he also plays the piano and violin.

He’s even serenaded Sophie Hermann in a recent episode, showcasing his true musical talents to the world.

What happened between Fredrik Ferrier and Liv Bentley?

Fredrik and Liv dated for a while, but she became enraged after he commented on how “cute” he found new cast member Mimi Bouchard.

Yet Liv and Fred are believed to be on friendly terms now.

Sophie Hermann
Sophie and Fredrik are close friends (Credit: E4)

Have Sophie Hermann and Fredrik ever dated?

Unconfirmed. Sophie and Fredrik are believed to be just good friends.

But viewers have certainly noticed their on-screen chemistry, with some wondering if Fredrik secretly pines for Sophie.

Over on Twitter, many viewers have expressed their hope that the pair will eventually couple up.

One user tweeted: “Sophie Hermann and Fredrik just needs to happen. #MadeInChelsea.”

While another user claimed: “Fredrik + Sophie would make the most beautiful blond couple known to mankind.

“I hope they get together. #MadeInChelsea.”

And a third user urged: “Sophie and Fredrik need to get it on #MadeInChelsea.”

When is Made in Chelsea next on?

Made in Chelsea continues on Mondays on E4 at 9pm.

Past episodes and series are also available to stream on the All4 app.

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