Frankie Bridge and husband Wayne

Frankie Bridge’s husband Wayne makes promise to her after I’m A Celebrity trial

Wayne watched Frankie during the trial last night

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Wayne Bridge, the husband of I’m A Celebrity star Frankie Bridge, has made a promise to her following last night’s show.

Loose Women star Frankie struggled with last night’s Bushtucker trial as she faced Castle Scary-Oke alongside campmate Naughty Boy.

Frankie had to down vile drinks and admitted to hosts Ant and Dec that she had a phobia of being sick.

Wayne Bridge, husband of Frankie Bridge, makes promise to her after trial
Wayne promised not to vote for Frankie to do eating or drinking trials (Credit: Instagram Stories)

What did Frankie Bridge’s husband Wayne say?

Former footballer Wayne – who starred on the 2016 series of I’m A Celeb – previously said he was voting for his wife to do the trials.

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However, after Frankie broke down in tears after last night’s trial, Wayne vowed to not vote for her to do any eating or drinking trials.

In videos on his Instagram Stories, Wayne said: “She absolutely smashed it. I have laughed a lot but I really felt bad when I see the tears.

Frankie Bridge on I'm A Celebrity
Frankie said she had a phobia of being sick (Credit: ITV)

“She obviously found it really a hard. So that was a bit of a hard watch. But I want it known that I did not vote for you to do this challenge.

“I had a bit of a nightmare with the kids last night and I watched it after the show finished.”

He added: “So I didn’t vote for you to do this drinking challenge and I promise I won’t vote for you to do any kind of eating challenge again after I see how emotional you were afterwards.

“I will not vote for her to do another eating challenge because obviously she found it so tough.”

Frankie Bridge on I'm A Celebrity
Frankie did well in the challenge last night (Credit: ITV)

Following the trial last night, viewers praised Frankie for facing her fears.

One person said on Twitter: “Poor Frankie and well done – one sip of any of those drinks would have made me ill for sure!”

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Another wrote: “Frankie looked so unwell and cold in that trial! Well done to them both, they both done brilliantly!”

A third added: “Well done to Frankie for dealing with her phobia of being sick.”

I’m A Celebrity continues on ITV, tonight, from 9pm.

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