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Four In A Bed: Viewers stunned as contestant Mike storms out

He said he felt "dumbfounded" before leaving in a huff

Four In A Bed shocked viewers yesterday as a preview for the next episode revealed some serious drama involving contestant Mike.

Thursday (November 5) afternoon’s episode took viewers to Royle Farm in Staffordshire, hosted by mother and son team Margaret and Fraser.

In the preview for Friday’s instalment at the end of the episode, it showed Mike furiously storming out of a room.

A preview clip on Four In A Bed showed Mike storming out in Friday’s episode (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with Mike storming out in Four In A Bed?

In the clip, the narrator said: “Next time, with all the visits over, scores are settled, as the payments are revealed.”

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Mike, sitting next to his wife Del, shook his head, fuming: “I’m just dumbfounded.”

It happened as the Four In A Bed contestants went through the results (Credit: Channel 4)

He stood up abruptly from the table, where the other contestants all looked stunned, and swept from the room, slamming the door behind him.

The other contestants looked shocked (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Channel 4 viewers say?

On Twitter, viewers couldn’t believe it.

One said: “I’m really not one for drama but I can’t help but get excited when it kicks off on #FourInABed and the cocky ones lose terribly.”

Ooh Mike storming out. Excellent, it needs a bit of drama!

A second tweeted: “Whoa wait… that Welsh guy storming out in tomorrow’s episode has me interested! So much for all those nice yes votes #fourinabed.”

Another wrote: “Uh oh, the Welsh USB freak is going to storm out in a tantrum – popcorn ready for Friday.”

“Ooh Mike storming out,” said a fourth. “Excellent, it needs a bit of drama! #FourInABed.”

“Yes it’s going to kick off tomorrow,” said a fifth.

Someone else tweeted: “Ooh vexation tomorrow! #FourInABed.”

Four In A Bed contestant Mike’s USB and beans complaints

Mike has been causing a stir among viewers all week. He has continued to complain about the lack of USB ports in the other contestants’ B&Bs.

And in an episode at the start of the week, he decided to deduct marks from his fellow contestants because they served their beans in a ramekin.

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When he ordered a full English and tucked in, he said he would have preferred the beans to be on the plate.

Later, when it was Mike and Del’s turn to host at their B&B in Abergavenny, the other contestants had a moan about having to pre-order their breakfasts the night before.

Mike’s pre-ordering system also baffled those watching at home.

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