Four In A Bed Amanda and hash bash

Four In A Bed: Viewers confused over ‘hash bash’ breakfast

The Channel 4 show continued with The Old Orleton Inn in Wellington

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Four In A Bed confused Channel 4 viewers yesterday as the guests were served a ‘hash bash’ for breakfast.

The reality TV series, which sees B&B owners take turns in staying at each others’ venues, continued on Tuesday (October 27) with the second visit of the week.

Four in a Bed confused viewers with its ‘hash bash’ breakfast dish (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened on Four in a Bed?

This time, the guests stayed at The Old Orleton Inn in Wellington, Shropshire, whose owners, Sophie and David, had a personal connection with the B&B.

Sophie said: “We had our first date here at The Old Orleton, I find it quite cute, he was quite awkward at the end when he asked for our first kiss.”

“I was sweet,” David protested.

“Sweet and awkward,” Sophie admitted.

Yesterday’s episode was Sophie and David’s turn (Credit: Channel 4)

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At one point in the programme, the group sat down for breakfast and David said Amanda and Richard had ordered the ‘hash bash’.

The others weren’t adventurous enough to order the mystery dish, going instead for more traditional breakfasts or vegetarian options.

The hash bash definitely deserves an award for ingenuity. How they came up with the recipe, I don’t know.

When he brought the dishes out, David declared: “The much anticipated hash bash.”

They group said it did look good.

Guest Richard, after having a taste, told the others: “My hash bash is insane! I love it. It’s like a souffle, kind of genius.”

Amanda said of hers: “The hash bash definitely deserves an award for ingenuity. How they came up with the recipe, I don’t know, but it was lovely and tasty.”

Guest Amanda loved the hash bash (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Channel 4 viewers say about the hash bash?

On Twitter, the dish had some viewers baffled, with some joking that it sounded like it contained drugs.

Others laughed and said they thought it sounded sexual.

Guest Richard called the breakfast ‘insane’ (Credit: Channel 4)

“Hash bash?” one viewer tweeted. “Did I hear that correctly? #fourinabed.”

Another wrote: “I thought a hash brown would be a full English with lots of hash browns #fourinabed.”

A third said they thought ‘Hash bash’ sounded like code for masturbation.

A fourth quipped: “Hash bash, [I expected] a massive spliff for brekkie #fourinabed.”

Someone else echoed that, writing: “I’d defo think he was offering me weed…”

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A sixth viewer said they had to look up the recipe, tweeting: “BRB Googling hash bash recipe #fourinabed.”

However, it didn’t amaze everyone. One viewer said: “Hash bash… mmm it’s hardly ground breaking #fourinabed.”

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