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Four In A Bed: Pre-order breakfast rule baffles Channel 4 viewers

Hosts Mike and Del said the system works for them

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Four in a Bed viewers were baffled last night when contestants on the show were asked to pre-order their breakfasts.

Wednesday (November 4) afternoon’s episode took viewers to Deri-Down Guesthouse in Abergavenny, Wales, where B&B owners Mike and Del were hoping to impress the other contestants.

However, there was one rule they had that caused a stir.

On Four In A Bed, Del and Mike liked guests to pre-order their breakfasts (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with the breakfast on yesterday’s Four In A Bed?

Mike and Del had their guests pre-order their breakfasts before they had dinner the night before.

As the guests looked over their lists of breakfast options to tick what they wanted, one admitted it was a struggle to think about brekkie at that time of day.

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Mike, speaking in the kitchen the next morning, said he understood that some of the guests might have an issue with the fact they had to pre-order.

Some of the contestants weren’t too keen on the system (Credit: Channel 4)

He said: “I feel a bit under pressure because we do it ourselves…

“From listening to the guys, there’s a feel they are sceptical about the pre-order system. They are going to expect it to be perfect.”

Discussing the system with the others, contestant Fraser said: “I can’t see what advantage it actually gives… it’s not like you’re going to cook it the night before and heat it up.”

Overall they praised the breakfast, particularly the sausages (Credit: Channel 4)

How did Channel 4 viewers react to the pre-order breakfast system?

On Twitter, it appears viewers felt the same way.

One said: “Pre-order for breakfast??? You can [bleep] right off!! #fourinabed.”

Pre-ordering – a no-no. I would have scored them a six for that.

Another wrote: “FFS… ordering breakfast before dinner, seriously!? #FourInABed.”

However, a third put: “I’m always thinking about what I want to eat, so the pre-ordering wouldn’t bother me in the slightest #FourInABed.”

But someone else said: “Pre-ordering – a no-no. I would have scored them a six for that and the eggs to be honest #fourinabed.”

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A fifth tweeted, “Pre-order #fourinabed” alongside a GIF of the Anchorman character Ron Burgundy shouting, ‘What is this, amateur hour?’

“Pre-order! Why?” demanded a sixth, adding: “You can Foxtrot Oscar! #FourInABed.”

In the end, the contestants praised the breakfast overall, although a few complained about their eggs not being soft enough.

“I don’t agree with pre-ordering,” said contestant Antoinette.

Some also took issue with the beans being on the plate as opposed to being served in a ramekin. Earlier this week, host Mike deducted a point when he was a guest at Antoinette’s B&B because the beans were in a ramekin.

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