Four in a bed Mike and his beans

Four In A Bed: Viewers fume over contestant’s baked beans complaint

Mike really didn't like the ramekin

Four In A Bed viewers were fuming yesterday when a contestant on the programme deducted marks over beans being served in a ramekin.

Monday’s (November 2) episode took viewers to The Seacrest Hotel in Portsmouth, run by owner Antoinette and general manager Carmen.

Antoinette and Carmen were the host’s on yesterday’s Four In A Bed (Credit: Channel 4)

Who was on Four In A Bed?

Joining them to judge their hosting skills were Leon and Glen, from the White Horse Hotel in Storrington, West Sussex, and Mike and Del, of the Deri-Down Guest House in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

Also on the show were Margaret and Fraser from Royal Farm B&B in Burton-On-Trent, Staffordshire.

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Carmen said of Antoinette: “You are like a storm, you come in and everything comes to life.”

“Carmen is very soothing,” Antoinette said. “So between us, we make it work.”

Contestant Mike really didn’t like having his beans in a ramekin (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with the breakfast beans?

Mike said, when his full English arrived the morning after their night at The Seacrest: “Really tasty I must admit, only thing I might not do, I don’t like the idea over getting the beans out of a pot.”

Fraser pointed out: “I suppose you can always put it in but you can’t take it out… you can pick and choose, can’t you.”

When it came to scoring the hotel, Mike decided to deduct a point on the breakfast because of the ramekin.

The Four In A Bed contestant said the breakfast was perfect otherwise (Credit: Channel 4)

“‘How was breakfast?’ Almost perfect, apart from having the beans in a ramekin. We’ll go with a nine.”

It didn’t harm his perception of the venue too much, however, as he said he would definitely stay again.

Viewers fumed as they deducted a mark on the breakfast score due to the beans issue (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Four In A Bed viewers say about Mike’s beans comments?

Reacting on Twitter, viewers branded Mike “lazy” and fumed over the points deduction.

One quipped: “Beans in a pot… how will he survive? #FourInABed.”

Another said: “Omg they whinge if the beans aren’t in a pot just, tip it out you goon! #fourinabed.”

A third tweeted: “#FourInABed Just tip the beans out for god’s sake, it’s a non issue!”

“If you don’t want your beans in the ramekin, tip the bloody things out onto your plate,” said a fourth, adding: “Your wrist broken, pal? #fourinabed.”

A fifth wrote: “Nine because the beans were in a ramekin LOL #FourInABed.”

“Noooooo Mike,” said a sixth. “He’s [bleeping] me off. I’m not disappointed, I’m angry. A bloody nine because beans were served in a bloody pot #fourinabed.”

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Another put, “Pour the beans out of the ramekin you idiot! How can you mark down on that!” and said in a separate tweet, “I’m always amazed by the picky idiots on this programme lol!”

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