Former Jungle Queen Stacey Solomon admits she wanted campmate to FAIL challenge last night

Me-ow, Stace!

We always love it when stars of reality TV shows continue to watch the programmes that made them famous.

And it’s even better when they comment on them as well – especially when they say something juicy!

So we were glued to our Twitter feed last night when Stacey Solomon – who was crowned Jungle Queen in 2010 – made a very interesting comment about some of the current campers.

Stacey was Jungle Queen in 2010 (Credit: Twitter)

She admitted she wanted Jamie Lomas to fail his trial because everyone was being mean to Iain Lee about it.

It’s been well documented that Jamie, Amir Khan, and Dennis Wise don’t get on particularly well with Iain, with many viewers accusing them of bullying behaviour.

On Tuesday night, Dennis was tasked with taking on a Bushtucker Trial that Iain had failed last week.

Dennis came through with a full house of stars, compared to Iain’s zero – which may have been hard for the radio DJ to take.

Iain had to quit out of the Temple of Gloom challenge (Credit: ITV)

And so last night, when the opportunity to compete in the Tutankha-Doom trial came up, things came to a head.

Iain immediately volunteered for the challenge as an opportunity to redeem himself – however, so did Jamie.

And in the end, Jamie got the nod, after backing from Dennis, who told Iain he had shouted “I’m a celebrity… get me out of here” twice before so it was too risky for him to do another challenge.

Jamie took on the Tutankha-Doom trial (Credit: ITV)

Jamie performed well, bringing home six out of eight stars so the campmates had a decent meal. However, back in the UK, Stacey voiced what was on many viewers’ minds.

She wrote: “Was anyone else hoping no stars were won in that trial? I like Jamie but I wanted Iain to feel like he could have done it better!”

Many fans were quick to agree, saying that Dennis and Jamie’s bullying of Iain was getting out of hand.

However, some others commented that Iain had already failed trials, so Jamie was the best man for the job.

Jamie himself also had a cheeky dig at Iain after finishing the trial, saying: “Iain would have struggled because he’s a big lad, no two ways about it.”

Stacey’s currently dating Extra Camp host Joe Swash, so she’s well placed to comment on goings-on inside the jungle!

Instagram @realjoeswash
Stacey and Joe are dating (Credit: Instagram)

Lots of viewers were hoping for Dennis to get evicted from the jungle last night, and demanded a “recount” after Stanley Johnson got the boot instead.

But tonight the rollercoaster starts again – and whatever happens we’ll be tuning in to Stacey’s Twitter feed, that’s for sure!