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For the Love of Dogs: Paul O’Grady on moment he ‘swallowed drugs’ to avoid jail

The ITV star used to live a very wild lifestyle

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For the Love of Dogs star Paul O’Grady once narrowly avoided a prison sentence.

The ITV star previously recalled in his autobiography that he had a very close call while he was flying back from a holiday in Bangkok.

The star was with his partner at the time, Brendan Murphy, preparing to fly to Australia when the incident occurred.

Panic struck when Brendan realised that he had marijuana in his pocket and noticed that two armed guards were approaching.

Fearing they were about to be arrested, Paul took matters into his own hands.

paul o'grady for the love of dogs
Paul O’Grady is the star of For the Love of Dogs on ITV (Credit:

He grabbed the drugs and put them into his mouth before washing them down with a can of coke.

For the Love of Dogs star Paul O’Grady on time he swallowed drugs

“There was only one thing for it,” he said in his book Open the Cage. “Taking it off him I popped it in my mouth and washed it down with the can of Coke I was holding.”

The beloved comedian then revealed that, as a result, he flew to Australia while feeling “euphoric”.

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Paul said the incident occurred back in 1992.

paul o'grady for the love of dogs
Paul O’Grady opened up about the incident in his book (Credit:

Drug laws were very strict at the time and remain so to this day in Thailand. Paul and his partner could have faced up to life in prison for possession.

For the Love of Dogs star Paul has always been very open about his drug use in the past.

Elsewhere in his autobiography, he revealed how during the height of the AIDS pandemic he would buy drugs in a bid to help his friends feel better.

Paul lost numerous close pals to the disease, which has thankfully since become entirely treatable.

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“I’d buy some dope and we’d proceed to get heavily stoned,” said the star.

“Round about the fourth joint we’d all get the munchies. I’d vanish into the kitchen to churn out tinned salmon sandwiches, prawn cocktails and chips.

“It was good to see my friend eating properly for a change. If that meant breaking the law it was about time the law changed.”

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