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All the drama in the Dales

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Ross comes face-to-face with Simon as the acid attack court case begins, the Spencers get some devastating news, and could Tracy be in danger from Bails?

Monday 23rd April

Rhona is shocked to find Ross stealing drugs from the vets’ – but she she confronts him he makes a pass at her. What will Pete make of his brother’s troubling behaviour?

Tuesday 24th April

Jimmy is shocked when Misty reveals she is a sex therapist and offers to help him with his issues…

Will she prove helpful, or could her interference be a stumbling block for Nicola?

It’s a huge moment for Ross as the trial for the acid attack begins – but how will he feel seeing Simon for the first time since the horrific night in question?

There’s commotion in court when a huge twist means the case doesn’t quite go to plan – will Simon get his comeuppance?

Wednesday 25th April

Tracy meets up with Bails when they do an interview for the local paper – but she has no idea who he is…

How will she react when she discovers his true identity?

Frank struggles to find a job and offers his services at the factory – but how will he react when Jai offers him a job on the production line?

Thursday 26th April

Charity is horrified when Vanessa shows her the newspaper with Tracy and Bails inside…

Realising Tracy is in trouble, she has no option but to go and help.

But how will she react when Bails later makes her a shocking proposition?

Moira is surprised when she finds out Simon was the one who attacked Ross…

But nothing can prepare her for the shock when she discovers Debbie was the instigator behind the whole thing.

It’s a sad day for the Spencers as Daz breaks the devastating news to Amelia that Ali has died…

Dan arrives and is stunned as a heartbroken Amelia relays the news.

Graham has feelings for Megan – but pretends that their meeting is all about a business proposition he has planned.

Friday 27th April

Noah enjoys playing Charity and Joe off against each other…

And enjoys reaping the benefits of their competitiveness.

As Dan organises Ali’s funeral – he’s fuming with Daz for telling Amelia about her death. After a drunken night in the pub, a drunken Daz reveals a secret to Kerry. But what has he been hiding?

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