FIRST LOOK: Next week’s EastEnders in 10 pics

There's drama heading for Albert Square

Hayley’s baby secret is exposed when Jean finds out the truth… but how long can she hide the fact Alfie is the daddy?

Monday 30 July

It’s the day of Hope’s christening and the Slater’s panic when the gown goes missing. Luckily Hayley is on hand to help and finds herself being asked to be godmother when Kat goes AWOL.

Hayley’s upset after the christening party and can’t hide the fact she is pregnant any longer. But will Jean keep her secret safe?

Elsewhere, Mel tells Hunter he needs to get a job, but he’s having none of it and steals cash from the club.

Tuesday 31st July

Jean tells Hayley she needs to go on a health kick, but when she has an accident and ends up in A&E will the baby be okay?

There’s trouble for Whitney and Halfway when Stuart starts to meddle in their relationship. Can Halfway see through his brother’s lies?

Jay is thrilled when newcomer Jessica answers Billy’s advert for a new housemate. But is all as it seems?

Thursday 2nd August

Billy and Jay help Jessica move in…

But Billy isn’t happy when he discovers their new housemate is hiding a big secret.

Friday 3rd August

Ian is fuming when Hunter messes up in his first week at work, but it isn’t long before the smooth-talking teen is using blackmail to get his own way.

The Carters are fuming when there’s drama surrounding a pizza delivery mix up – but is there more to the chaos than meets there eye?