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A familiar face returns...

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Max returns to Albert Square, while baby Harley is kidnapped and Louise and Tiffany have a he fight in the middle of the street…

Monday 23rd April 

Max is back – but while he looks pleased to be home, the same can’t be said for the rest of Walford.

Ian is less than impressed to see Max is back – especially when he discovers he’s the new owner of the car lot!

Tiffany takes a sneaky picture of Hunter and Louise getting passionate.

As revenge for being nasty to Bernadette, Tiff puts the sauce snap on social media.

Louise is horrified when she finds out – especially because her and Hunter have been banned form seeing each other.

Louise confronts Tiffany in the Square.

The pair have a huge fight and Whitney and Sharon are forced to step in.

Whitney’s had enough of Tiff’s antics and tells her she needs to move back to Milton Keynes.

Arshad bumps into an injured stranger in the market…

But little does he know she is actually Harley’s mum, Chloe, and is pretending to be hurt so that she can get closer to her son.

Chloe comes face-to-face with her son – and Arshad has no idea.

Tuesday 24th April 

Whitney is excited when Tiffany sets up a video call with Halfway as as way of apologising for causing trouble the day before.

But there’s trouble when Halfway doesn’t answer. Where is he?

Masood and Arshad are worried when they realise the CCTV in their home has been tampered with.

Mariam is away, but Arshad covers, telling her everything is fine. But later he tells Masood they should call the police and social services.

Thursday 26th April 

Masood is shocked when he sees Tiffany’s picture of her with Harley online.

Little do they know, her picture has lead Harley’s parents to Walford and they have taken their son.

There’s trouble when Chloe and Bijan’s getaway car has broken down…

Will they make it out of Walford with Harley before the police find them?

Mel agrees to give the Slaters another chance with their cleaning job at the club – but when Kat helps herself to a drink, will they be out of a job once again?

Friday 27th April 

Mel tells Kat that if she wants to keep her job cleaning the club, she must replace the booze she stole the date before. Meanwhile the Slaters have a cleaning trial at the Vic.

But while no one is looking, they steal the booze to replace what the took at the club!

Kat returns the drink – but will she keep her job?

Max plays the sympathy card with Jack – but how will his brother feel about having him back in Walford?

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