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Halfway's back - but he has got a secret

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There’s mystery in EastEnders next week when Halfway returns to Walford – but what secret is he hiding? Kim continues to struggle without Vincent around, and Mel is hiding something from Hunter… but what?

Monday 30 April

Halfway is back in Walford – but what has brought him back?

Whitney had no idea Halfway was coming home from the army and is thrilled to see her boyfriend.

The pair celebrate Halfway’s return in the Vic with the Carters, but everyone’s surprised when they notice he’s injured…

Kim is suspicious when Phil gives her cash that he claims he owed to Vincent… but will she work out that he knows more than he’s letting on?

Phil is back to his old self and wants to become the business man he once was… so the news that Max is the new owner of the car lot doesn’t go down well.

Tuesday 1st May

Whitney tries to talk to Halfway when she realises he’s hiding something…

She tries to flirt with him, but it’s clear he’s not himself.

In the end the pair talk and he makes a confession – but is he telling Whitney the whole truth?

Phil’s not happy with Keanu and gives him a day to prove he should be allowed to keep his job. Will Keanu succeed?

Thursday 3rd May

Halfway and Whitney are thrilled to be back on track…

But Woody isn’t happy to see his ex has moved on.

It’s Billy’s birthday – but when he messes up at work Mel isn’t happy, leaving Jack and Woody surprised at how brash she is with him.

To make up for her earlier outburst, Mel decides to host a surprise party for Billy, but the evening doesn’t quite go to plan.

Billy’s thrilled with his party – but the evening soon turns sour when Honey fails to turn up.

Max’s feud with Phil gets even worse when Keanu finds himself drawn into the battle.

And when Sharon also gets involved, the war between the two men reaches a whole new level.

Friday 4th May

Mel has a night of passion with Jack – but she is desperate for Hunter not to find out.

Things don’t stay hidden in Walford for long – how long before he works it out?

Donna tries to find out from Kim where Vincent is…

In the end Kim snaps and tells Donna that Vincent has left her. What will Donna make of her adoptive brother’s sudden disappearance?

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