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There's drama in Weatherfield when Eva goes into labour...

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There’s drama in Coronation Street when Eva goes into labour – but will she be able to give up her baby now that she’s here? Jude’s secret is finally revealed when Angie goes to see him at work, and Johnny wonders what Jenny is hiding…

Monday 30th April

Simon’s suspicious when he finds evidence that Toyah has rented a cottage in Lymm and confronts her…

She bluffs that the cottage is a surprise for Peter.

But will Simon buy her lies?

Meanwhile Eva has gone into labour alone at the cottage while locked in the bathroom without her phone…

Luckily Toyah arrives to hear her cries and calls 999.

Eva ends up having the baby at the cottage before being taken to hospital.

Eva manages to avoid holding the baby for as long as she can…

But eventually her daughter needs her, and Eva’s world is turned upside down when she looks into her new baby’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Rana tries to tell Zeedan that she doesn’t love him – but will he listen?

Jude is shocked when Angie comes to  visit him at the Marine Life Centre…

He hits the fire alarm before she sees him… but how much longer can he keep his secret?

Geoff goes on a date with Yasmeen, but ends up awkwardly having lunch with Audrey as well.

Audrey’s upset when she realises that Geoff has feelings for Yasmeen, but will she give the pair her blessing?

Beth is surprised when she learns Amy gets paid £21 to walk Eccles for Ken and comes up with a plan…

She steals the dog from outside Speed Daal and tells Ken that Kirk would be a better dog walker, but will he listen?

Wednesday 2nd May 

Kirk soon finds himself with a lucrative dog-walking business, but how long will it last?

Sally invites Geoff for dinner and is surprised when he brings Yasmeen as his guest.

Toyah tells Peter that the surrogate has had their baby and shows him their daughter via FaceTime. Peter is thrilled, but Simon is seething with jealousy.

Angie discovers Jude’s betrayal and heads over to the solicitors office where the shares a few whiskies with Adam… could it lead to more?

Johnny tells Aidan that Jenny has postponed their leaving party but has no idea why.

Friday 4th May 

Toyah is back in Weatherfield and has brought baby Susie with her…

Peter is instantly smitten with his new daughter.

Aidan sees Toyah and Peter out with baby Susie… having no idea he is actually meeting his daughter for the first time.

Aidan is confused when Toyah is clearly awkward with him – will he work out why?

Josh has a great time winding David up about his new romance with Emma…

But what has he got up his sleeve?

Johnny is confused about why Jenny has been acting so strangely.

He confronts her, thinking she might be having an affair – little does he know she is hiding a secret.

When Angie sees that Jude is lying on his application to the council she offers to help him.

Norris offers Jude a job at the Kabin while he finds another role – but will he accept?

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