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This week’s Coronation Street in 23 eye-opening pictures

There's confrontation and heartache heading for Weatherfield...

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Maria tries to help David, but he’s still in self-destruct mode. Zeedan is given false hope and Billy returns from rehab…

Monday 23rd April

Abi visits Tyrone at the garage – and he’s shocked when she makes a discovery…

She’s spotted a problem with a car that he’d totally missed.

Alya has a bad day when she argues with Kate about their living arrangements, and then gets into trouble at work when intern Summer spots mistakes in her calculations that could have cost the business thousands of pounds.

Maria tries to talk to David about his recent behaviour, but he still doesn’t want to open up about his attack.

She later visits him at home, but she’s in for a shock…

She comes face-to-face with a half-dressed Emma and doesn’t know where to look!

Liz has a night out with Mike, but can’t help taking a few sneaky glances at Johnny across the room.

Zeedan asks Rana for help finding furniture for the new restaurant now that her parent’s aren’t giving him money.

Rana gets on well with Zeedan – especially as she’s just had an argument with Kate about the fact she can’t afford to move in with her now she hasn’t got money from her mum and dad.

Wednesday 25th April

The Platts try to talk to David, but they’re thrown when he announces Emma is his new girlfriend and he’s asked her to move in!

Bethany is shocked to realise Emma used to be at her school in the year above.

Billy is back in Weatherfield, but Tracy drops the bombshell that he’s three months behind on his rent and she’s throwing him out.

Billy is humiliated, especially as Summer had packed her belongings at Eileen’s to move back in with him.

To help Billy and Summer, Shona offers to move into the flat with them and act as guarantor. Will Tracy agree?

Friday 27th April

Audrey gets injured and has to go to hospital – where she meets Geoff again. Yasmeen isn’t impressed by him, until he makes a shocking request…

Angie talks to Jude about being bullied by his colleagues Seth and Philippa…

She later confides in Rosie that she thinks Jude is keeping something from her.

Rana is shocked when her dad arrives and accuses her of getting her mother arrested for her attempted kidnap.

Rana reveals she isn’t the one who called the police, but if it wasn’t her, who did?

Rana apologises to Zeedan for accusing him of calling the police and he offers her a job at Speed Daal.

Kayla walks in to find Zeedan giving Rana an affectionate hug and kiss – and is shocked when he later confesses he thinks Rana still has feelings for him.

When Simon and Tyler skive off school in the pub back room Toyah realises it may be time to come clean to Peter.

But will Toyah tell Peter the whole truth?

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