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Tuesday 7th July 2020

This week's Coronation Street in 17 sensational pictures!

It's war for two best friends in Weatherfield

Depressed Eileen is rattled by an intruder, Carla rumbles Robert's dark secret and Rana could be in danger from her own family...


Worried Carla quizzes Ali about steroid abuse and, when he realises she is talking about Robert, the doctor agrees to help.

Michelle is furious when she learns what's going on with Carla and her son.

After ordering Ali and Robert to leave, she has it out with her so-called best friend.

Alya spots Rana's parents outside her grandmother's home and let's them inside - what will they find?

Toyah visits Eva at her cottage and tells her Simon know their secret about the baby.

Summer is worried about depressed Eileen, who is refusing to leave the house.


It's round two for Michelle and Carla who argue about Ali...

Carla stuns Michelle by revealing Robert's issue with steroids.

Michelle later confronts her fiance, who assures her he's quit - but she isn't so sure...

Desperate to build bridges, Rana offers to go to Pakistan with her mum, who claims that her sister is dying.

Kate and Yasmeen discover that Rana's aunt isn't sick and rush to stop her boarding a flight to Pakistan.


David is annoyed when Emma laughs about a picture of him that Josh has posted on social media.

Later, he is angry when he finds out the kids have spent time with Shona.

He warns Gail that SHE won't be allowed to look after the kids if she lets them see his ex.

Eileen has a heart to heart with Abi, and invites her to stay at hers for the night.

Later Eileen and Nicola think they've heard an intruder - is Phelan back?

Eileen is taking no chances and arms herself with a, er, frying pan...