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Fiz is forced to make a heartbreaking decision to do what’s right for her family, Imran and Toyah get close again, and guilty Sinead’s beginning to think she has made a big mistake.

Monday December 3

Tyrone and Hope take Cerberus for a walk, but when Ty is distracted, Hope scarpers with the mutt. As the little girl comes back without the dog, she announces she’s put Cerberus on a tram to Rochdale. And, she adds, she’s not even sorry.

With the family falling apart, Tyrone tells Fiz he’s found Hope a place in a special school in Birmingham.

Imran is cross with Leanne for jeopardising his case because she’s involved with Nick.

When Toyah confronts Imran and sticks up for her sister, passion gets the better of them and they end up snogging. But as someone approaches, is their secret out?

Steve and Tracy are suspicious when Amy wants to cancel their contracted family night. Convinced Amy has a crush on someone, Tracy gets busy investigating and realises Amy likes Aadi. But Steve insists they go ahead with their night as arranged.

Wednesday December 5

Tracy decides to set Amy and Aadi up in an attempt to wriggle out of the contract. But the plans go wrong when Dev arrives to their meal at the Bistro and announces Aadi has refused to come too.

Toyah and Imran are enjoying some alone time at the flat. But when they’re interrupted by Leanne and Nick coming home for the same saucy reason, they have to hide.

Imran heads for the balcony while Toyah locks herself in the bathroom.

When Shona plays matchmaker, Nick and Leanne are back on. Nick tells Leanne he’s going to sell his share of the factory so that Elsa can get out of his life for good. But is he telling the truth this time?

Sinead’s feeling guilty as she avoids her chemo. And when Daniel thanks Steff for helping her, she feels worse.

But her guilt is forgotten as she and Daniel go for a scan. Later, the baby kicks and Daniel tells his wife he’s the luckiest man in the world.

Knowing she has to do what’s best for her daughter, Fiz makes the difficult decision to go with her to Birmingham.

Evelyn says she’s going to stay to keep an eye on Tyrone and Ruby, and the whole family say their emotional goodbyes to each other.

Friday December 7

Seb’s amazed when he comes across an envelope stuffed with cash in one of Eileen’s cupboards. Shocked, Eileen realises it must be from one of Phelan’s dodgy deals and wonders what to do with the £5k.

Liz suggests going on holiday and Eileen agrees – as long as Liz and Sean go with her.

Billy is shocked when Sinead admits she’s not been going to chemo.

Later, Sinead’s horrified when she finds out Steff has been rushed to hospital. Her husband explains the cancer has spread and it looks like poor Steff only has days left to live. Has Sinead made a terrible mistake?

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