Next week’s EastEnders action in 19 pictures

There's lots of drama in Albert Square

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Stacey tries to kiss Martin after he defends her at the E20 Bank Holiday party.

Martin and Stacey discuss what’s happening between them.

Ingrid prepares to leave Walford and says goodbye to Jack and the kids.

Ingrid and Keanu say their goodbyes.

The Carters wonder what Halfway is up to.


Mel is worried when Hunter doesn’t turn up at school.

Mel quizzes Max about where Hunter could be.

Billy gives Honey an ultimatum about their relationship.


Phil has a heart to heart with Kim about Vincent.

Rainie gives Robbie a job at the car lot.

Mel and Hunter argue in the Square.

Rainie flirts with Robbie and suggests they find another way to pay his commission.

Phil asks Robbie to do a favour for him.


Bex teases Martin and Sonia about their relationship.

Bex gives Sonia a makeover for Kathy’s party.

Sonia enjoys Martin’s attention at the party.

The Slaters and Whitney arrive at the party.

Sonia and Stacey have a confrontation over Martin.

Rainie and Max pretend to be the perfect couple as the social worker visits them.

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