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Monday 21st October 2019

First Dates viewers RAGING as integral part of the show is dropped

What happened next? First Dates isn't going to tell us...

First Dates fans were raging last night as they realised a staple part of the show did not return with the beginning of the new series.

Fred, Merlin, CiCi and the other familiar faces of the restaurant staff all seemed to be present and correct, as was the latest contender for 'most awkward date ever'.

But viewers were despondent and even a little frantic to discover the 'what happened next' segment from the end of the show, usually seen before the preview for the next week's show and the end credits, appears to have been canned.

Sophie was keen to go stargazing with J... but did they go? (Credit: Channel 4)

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Instead of an update informing those watching whether or not two daters met up again or not, viewers saw further short excerpts from three couples' post-date debriefs.

And although all three highlighted pairings seemed to get on - even if it looked like divorcée Mandy made more of a romantic match than her ex husband Stuart - there weren't any traces of grainy mobile phone footage showing further meet ups or details of relationship developments as expected.

Twitter was not happy, with one furious viewer ranting: "Which wise [bleep] thought it would be great to cut that out?"

No updates at the end? Duhhh. Some bright spark at First Dates got that horribly wrong.

Adam was keen on visiting nearby where Mandy lives anyway... did he? (Credit: Channel 4)

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"#Bringthemback," one viewer demanded, while another said the round up at the end of the show was the 'best bit'.

Others admitted they were stumped at why the segment would be changed and insisted the pay off of finding out whether dates had progressed away from the cameras was vital for those watching.

There were even calls for the TV boss in charge of dropping the segment to be fired... or exiled to Channel 5...

But we doubt Fred can do much about it. He's got enough on his plate standing by the door, taking coats and being incredibly French.

Claire wasn't that fussed about meeting up with Stuart again... but confirmation would be nice (Credit: Channel 4)

Entertainment Daily has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

First Dates is on Channel 4, Wednesdays, from 10pm.

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