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First Dates: Viewers furious as woman lets single dad of 10 pay for meal

She then joked about them going hungry!

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First Dates viewers were not impressed with the behaviour of one love seeker on last night’s show.

Donna seemingly wasn’t too fussed about equality as she wanted her date, Rob – a single dad of 10 kids – to pay for the meal!

She even joked about his kids going hungry that week because he’d had to stump up for her grub.

Rob, who described his dating history as ‘non-existent’, had earlier explained that he just wanted to find someone he could go on nights out with.

The part-time actor, who has starred in The Bill, won viewers over immediately, opting for a very ‘unmanly’ pina colada for his first drink.

Donna lives to have fun (Credit: Channel 4)

Self-proclaimed ‘rebel’ Donna, meanwhile, claimed she loves kids, but she was utterly shocked at Rob’s 10-clan confession.

Rob, a teacher, went on to reveal the reality of having such a big brood; his wife left four years ago following an affair.

With six kids still living at home with him, he spends £200 a week on fund shopping, leaving him little money to socialise.

Donna then revealed she likes ‘going out and having fun too much’.

When the bill arrived, Donna made no move to go Dutch, and Rob was left copping for the lot on his card.

Rob said after the date: “I think in today’s world, where women want equal rights and all this type of thing, it’d be nice if they’d offer to pay their way every now and again, should we go halves or something along them sort of lines?

“It’s money that I could spend on my kids, if you understand me.”

Rob thought she should have offered to split the bill (Credit: ITV)

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To make matters worse, when the pair decided to go their separate ways after their date, Donna quipped: “What really worries me is that you paid the bill, have you got enough to pay your kids dinner next week?”

Making light of the situation, Rob retorted: “The kids can get a paper round.”

Donna then joked: “Beans on toast is quite cheap.”

And although all seemed fine between the couple themselves, it’s fair to say that angry viewers did definitely NOT see the funny side of the situation, as evidenced on Twitter!

Everyone at home when she didn’t offer to split the bill #FirstDates

For a bit of balance – some others (not many), thought that it was fine for him to cough up, with one making the fair point that if he was ‘skint’ he shouldn’t have gone on a date:

Needless to say, there was no second date. The end of the show, however, teased a bit of a familiar face for next week’s episode. who could it be?

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