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Monday 14th October 2019

First Dates viewers brand woman "rude" and a "disgrace" as she ditches date

Jade told her date she expected to be "treated like a princess"

A woman has left First Dates viewers outraged after ditching her date and leaving him to pay the bill.

Fashion assistant Jade, 23, admitted she likes to be treated like a princess and told date Lewis, 19, everything she expects when going out with a guy.

As the pair sat down Jade even ordered Lewis' food for him because she admitted she likes to eat the other person's food.

Jade was branded "disgusting" by viewers over her behaviour on the date (Credit: Channel 4)

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Lewis and Jade then went on to order their food as she said: "Can you get something that I can eat?"

But Lewis hit back saying: "No, it doesn't work like that. If you want food order food but don't eat my food."

Jade was left gobsmacked by his comments and added: "I feel like you should get the ribs babe. You're getting the ribs and we're sharing. What's yours is mine."

As Jade ordered his entire meal Lewis said: "So you're stubborn then?"

"I get my own way every time. Every girl wants their own way and to be treated like a princess and every girl wants to eat off your plate," Jade replied.

Jade admitted she expects to be "treated like a princess" (Credit: Channel 4)

Speaking to viewers Jade said: "I just want someone to say yes to me, so 'no' is never the answer."

The topic of conversation then turned to shopping as Jade asked Lewis whether he spends a lot of money on his outfits.

But when he revealed he doesn't Jade rolled her eyes and said: "I have Louboutins that cost me £900."

She then asked him if he would buy her shoes for her birthday to which Lewis said: "No! I would say, 'Are you high?! Buy your own shoes!'"

Lewis was stunned at Jade's "rude" behaviour (Credit: Channel 4)

Rude and leaving him to pay, thinking she's prestige no wonder she's single.

Jade added: "You're meant to spend it on me!"

But as they started to tuck into their meal Jade whipped out her mobile phone and answered a call.

It was clear to see Lewis started to get irritated by her ignoring him.

As the waitress came over looking clearly shocked to see Jade talking on her phone Lewis said: "It's not rude, apparently."

Jade then told Lewis she was going to the bathroom and ended up ditching him without even telling him.

She told the waitress: "I just don't like him. I'm going," before leaving Lewis to pick up the bill.

Jade ended up ditching her date and leaving him to pay the bill (Credit: Channel 4)

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Viewers were disgusted by Jade's behaviour and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One said: "Only just seen the #FirstDates episode, that girl Jade is honestly a trash person with a trash personality."

"Jade you are vile at least leave money with the waitress. #FirstDates .... poor lewis I'd date him and have my phone switched off," another ranted.

A third tweeted: "Has there ever been a worse person on #FirstDates than that Jade? Lewis deserves a medal."

A fourth wrote: "Think Jade on #FirstDates should be sent the bill for both her and her dates meals! Dragged up not brought up! Disgusting wee girl!"

"That jade girl on #FirstDates behaviour was disgusting! Rude and leaving him to pay, thinking she's prestige no wonder she's single," another vented.