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Friday 13th December 2019

First Dates reaches new levels of cringe with diner's bizarre condom confession!

Chatty but nervous Freddie may wish to reconsider his chat up lines

Astounded First Dates viewers were left cringing last night after an extremely nervous charity worker blurted out about his allergy to condoms over dinner.

Freddie, 27, admitted his date may not have seen his best side during their awkward meeting which also included him over-excitedly quizzing 22-year-old Rebecca about whether she was a "nice girl".

It was clear Freddie was feeling on edge right from the start. Seen pacing near Merlin’s bar as he waited for Rebecca to arrive, he revealed his nickname with pals is 'Too Far Freddie' because he’s a "bit different" and can go overboard with jokes.

'Come again?' (Credit: Channel 4)

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Freddie was even tenser during dinner - and his mouth continued to run away with him.

As Freddie tried oysters for the first time he cast doubt on claims the shellfish had aphrodisiacal properties.

"I’m not feeling that horny," he shrugged to the waiter.

She didn’t really see a 'normal' Freddie.

Freddie realises his chat may need an overhaul (Credit: Channel 4)

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But it was his conversation-killing questions about allergies where he revealed a hypersensitivity to latex that really had viewers squirming.

"It started at the exact same time as I was seeing this girl," he explained as Rebecca asked for more details.

A puzzled Rebecca wondered what his exes had been dressing in after Freddie added he had experienced another, similar reaction with a different girlfriend.

The penny finally dropped for Rebecca as Freddie clarified he was talking about condoms.

And there was another facepalm moment as Freddie asked fashion buyer Rebecca to turn her head to the side so he could admire her hair accessories.

"All the way," he encouraged, going on to announce he was a fan of hair clips.

Despite sharing some uncomfortable moments, the pair remained friendly as they agreed they didn’t have any shared interests and confirmed they would be going their separate ways.

"I could’ve done without the latex [chat]," admitted a giggling Rebecca.

"I basically just shouted 'condoms!' at you," Freddie floundered.

Shouldn't it be Freddie facepalming? (Credit: Channel 4)

The unlikely pair even managed a friendly hug… before Freddie made the atmosphere slightly weird again by stiltedly wishing Rebecca all the best with her life.

He reflected: "I don’t think she particularly saw my best side. I think I was a little bit too wrapped up in my nerves and thinking about what to say.

"She didn’t really see a ‘normal’ Freddie."

And viewers certainly agreed with that sentiment, calling him a "real life David Brent".

A little harshly, some also wondered how Rebecca managed to last the entire date without ditching Freddie.

And even though Freddie aroused a lot of embarrassment, he was certainly memorable and entertaining.

First Dates is on Channel 4, Wednesdays, from 10pm.

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