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Monday 14th October 2019

First Dates fans slam diner who rejected "stunner" for her looks

Tom asked Jade to be honest... then ditched her.

First Dates viewers have hit out at a suitor after he rejected a woman, battling self-esteem issues, because of her looks.

Tree surgeon Tom was paired with Jade and told her she was a "stunner" before asking if her lips were real.

When he said he wanted the natural-looking dental nurse to be honest, she admitted spending £12,000 on cosmetic procedures, including lip filler, botox and breast implants after years being bullied as a child for being "ugly".

Jade was rejected at the restaurant (Credit: Channel 4)

But Tom then ditched Jade because of the work she'd had done.

I went through so many years of my childhood where I would just cry to my mum, 'I'm so ugly'.

Fans branded him a "hypocrite", "rude" and "out of order" and took to Twitter to blast the 26-year-old.

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One posted: "Tom should stick to cutting down trees instead of ditching that poor girl because she got lip fillers... she was too nice for you anyway.

Jade used to be a "geek" at school (Credit: Channel 4)

Another added: "OMG Tom is a douche bag. Her lips were really well done and natural looking. She was gorgeous and a lovely girl too. Better out there for her."

A third said: "The hypocrisy of expecting a woman to look like Jade but rejecting her when you find out she didn’t happen to fall out of a tree looking like that AND you know she has serious self-esteem issues, hmph. Hope Jade finds someone safe, sincere and lovely."

Jade, 25, said on the Channel4 show last night: "When I was in year seven, I didn't just have a massive gap in the middle of my teeth but they went outwards.

Letting her down not so gently (Credit: Channel 4)

"I was a bit of a geek. I used to look awful, I used to get picked on at school for what I looked like.

"I went through so many years of my childhood where I would just cry to my mum, 'I'm so ugly'. I think I'm still so insecure and sensitive, really."

After their date, Jade said she wanted to see Tom again but he told her: "I asked you about the lips because I had to ask about them, so that took me aback a bit.

Tom only wants to be friends with Jade (Credit: Channel 4)

"What I'm looking for would be a little bit more natural," he said before they went their separate ways.

Jade said: "I don't regret anything I did or said because if I want to be with someone in future then I want them to love me for me.

"So I would rather just be myself and find someone who likes me for who I am."

Jade is left in the "friend zone" (Credit: Channel 4)

While the show was being aired, she thanked viewers on Twitter for supporting her.

And First Dates fans weren't shy in trashing Tom on social media.

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* First Dates continues on Channel 4 at 10pm next Wednesday.

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