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Tuesday 19th November 2019

First Dates couple leaves viewers feeling new levels of AWKWARD

Not having anything in common is the risk you take with a blind date...

Let's face it, first dates are pretty awkward all round for most of us - so we can only imagine they're ten times as bad when there are cameras picking up every single bit of them.

Unfortunately, when you apply to appear on First Dates you never quite know just who you'll be paired with or what you'll have in common.

And for Ian and Stacie on Monday night's episode of the show, the answer to the latter appeared to be not much at all.

Ian tried to keep the conversation following (Credit: Channel 4)

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Ian introduced himself as a science technician at a college, while Stacie is a nursery nurse.

This is the most awkward date.

It all started off okay as they exchanged pleasantries and settled themselves at the bar under Fred Sirieix's watchful eye, with Ian complimenting Stacie's appearance.

But things went downhill from their and chat dried up rather quickly as they both ran out of things to say.

Viewers watched as their rather awkward date quickly descended into stilted conversation and lengthy silences.

The date started to get awkward after neither Ian or Stacie could continue the conversation (Credit: Channel 4)

To be fair to Ian, he did try to keep the conversation flowing, informing a shy Stacie that he was a "nerdy geek" at heart who "managed to knit a Doctor Who scarf as a challenge".

Stacie's response? "Oh, okay. Wow. Cool."

It all got very awkward as a clearly nervous Ian stumbled over his questioning while asking Stacie how long she'd been doing her job.

An equally nervous Stacie said it had been eight years before telling him: "I don't really know what else to say."

As the pair moved into the restaurant to enjoy their meal the conversation started to flow better with Ian opening up about being bullied at school and how they left him with zero confidence.

Many viewers watching from home were left in tears over Ian's story.

One wrote: "Aww Ian on #FirstDates man  what a lovely guy. Knew she'd bloody friend zone him! Hopefully his next date goes better."

Another added: "This shows how bullying has a lifelong effect. What lovely people Ian and Stacey are. I wish them all the luck in the world."

Others were quick to point out how awkward the blind date was.

One commented: "This is the most awkward date. I feel awkward that they feel awkward. So awkward."

"Ian and Stacey... So awkward to watch... Probably 10 times more awkward to have been on that date," another tweeted.

A third said: "Seems to have started extra cringe tonight... Those awkward silences filled with ums and ahs... Feel for Ian."

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First Dates kicked off its ninth series last week with another batch of singletons rocking up to Fred's swanky restaurant in London in the hopes of being matched with their ideal partner.

Perhaps hopefuls should take a note from Fred himself, who gave his top tips last week on how to enjoy the perfect date.

"I’m not saying fake it, but there has to be a certain enthusiasm, desire and anticipation to go on a first date," he told The Sun.

"You have to give it your best shot because if you do that, and the other person does it too, there will be fireworks."

Wise words!