Girlfriends reckon they have worked out a huge twist in Micky plot

We're calling it now!

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Kay Mellor’s explosive new ITV series Girlfriends is only two episodes in, but it’s already bringing the cliffhangers!

Last night’s show concluded with police rocking up to Linda’s house to slap her in handcuffs for the murder of husband Micky.

But fans reckon all isn’t as it seems…

Police accused Linda of murder (Credit: ITV)

The series started last week with Linda and Micky on a family cruise, and an inebriated Micky wasn’t seen again after heading back to their cabin for his glasses.

His cabin door was left wide open with what looked like the aftermath of a scuffle on the deck, so it’s fair to say his disappearance was mysterious to say the least.

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So what happened to him – did he fall, or was he pushed?

Was this the last we’ve seen of Micky? (Credit: ITV)

The plot thickened last night when Carole Hardcastle told Gail and Sue that she’d been having an affair with Micky for years.

And what she said next seemed to incriminate Linda even further. Carole said: “He was on his mobile to me telling me he was going to leave her when they got back from the cruise.

“And then he called out her name like he’d just seen her – and then the phone went dead.”

Linda could be in trouble (Credit: ITV)

It also transpired that Linda had recently taken out extra life insurance on Micky – so it’s not looking good for her!

It all ended in a big blowout between Gail and Linda, who couldn’t believe her nearest and dearest friends could suspect her of murder.

But some fans reckon they’ve seen the future, and it doesn’t involve Linda going down for a life sentence.

They think Micky is still alive and well, and will come back to reveal the truth before the series is finished.

Although one viewer put forward the theory that Micky was killed – but by his daughter, not Linda!

There are still four episodes left of the show to enjoy – plenty of time for Micky to come back, disappear again or whatever else Kay Mellor has in store for us.

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We’re looking forward to some new theories coming up next week – maybe Micky’s actually a deep undercover government agent, a time traveller, or an alien!