Celebrity Big Brother gets its first KISS of the series… with a twist!

Er, not quite the first kiss we'd imagined, though!

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Things are starting to hot up between one Celebrity Big Brother couple!

We’ve all seen sparks flying between Made In Chelsea’s Ashley James, 30, and American musician Ginuwine, 47, in recent days.

Hand holding. Cuddling. Generally just being all cosy.

Ashley and Ginuwine get even closer on Thursday night! (Credit: Channel 5)

So perhaps it’s no surprise they’ve given us the first kiss of the series!

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Well, er, if you count a kiss through glass as a genuine, legitimate kiss. Which we do, okay?

Last night in the house, cheeky Ashley found much joy in watching Ginuwine strip off for bed; peering at him through the glass wall between the bedroom and living room, she was all eyes as he whipped off his shirt and climbed under the covers.

Don’t shy away from having a peek there, Ash! (Credit: Channel 5)

Enjoying the attention, Ginuwine beckoned to Ash to come join him in bed for a cuddle.

He even grabbed a nearby pillow to demonstrate his cuddle technique on a laughing Ashley.

She refused, coyly shaking a finger at him.

Ginuwine beckoned Ashley in to have a cuddle (Credit: Channel 5)

But after Malika Haqq urged her to “kiss the window” and give Ginuwine a proper good night, Ashley obliged, puckering up to G through the glass wall.

His response? Blowing kisses right back at her!

Pucker up! (Credit: Channel 5)

Could this be the start of something beautiful?!

When India Willoughby told Ashley that Ginuwine is “sweet”, Ashley simply replied: “You don’t need to tell me. I think he’s great.”

It was a kiss… just through a window! (Credit: Channel 5)

In further scenes that aired in Thursday night’s episode, the bond between Ashley and Ginuwine gets stronger, as they joke about marriage and how she’d never cheat on him.

The topic came up when Ashley was telling the housemates: “Apparently, back in the day, when the men would go off to work, [the women] would put a sign up to let the milk man know their husband wasn’t in.”

She then told Ginuwine: “Just so you know, I’d not cheat.”

The pair joked about marriage (Credit: Channel 5)

Laughing, Ginuwine replied: “Good, I’m glad you don’t cheat on me! I’m more than enough for you. There is no need for you to go anywhere!

“Once we’re married we gotta do what we gotta do but until then, no milk man!”

The subject of marriage came up again when Wayne Sleep offered to choreograph the pair’s wedding dance.

Aww! (Credit: Channel 5)

A surprised Ashley asked: “Whose wedding? Ours? [Ginuwine], do you want to get married?”

The musician just laughed and gave Ashley a hug.

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FYI, if you’re wondering about the clothing in the pictures, it’s because the latest task has transported the house back to the 1950s!

The men are working in a ‘factory’ and believe the women are staying at home to be ‘perfect housewives’ – but the men are totally unaware the women are actually at work in their own ‘factory’ in a bid to beat the boys!

CBB next airs on Friday at 9pm on Channel 5.