Casualty SPOILER: Shock resignation rocks the ED

But who's quitting?

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Dylan Keough reaches crisis point in this week’s visit to the Casualty department, when a tongue lashing from Ethan Hardy prompts him to make a call and quit as Acting Clinical Lead at the ED.

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Viewers have watched as fan favourite Dylan (William Beck) descended into alcoholism over the past few months following his guilt over a situation with a young Somalian refugee.

Dylan smuggled the boy, Sanosi Jemal, over from France – and was almost caught out by Connie Beauchamp.

The medic has since been struggling with his conscience after driving the boy to the police station so he could hand himself in and choosing his career over helping Sanosi.

Since then Dylan has regularly turned to the bottle to ease his guilt – both at home and at work.

The pressure of being in charge of the Emergency Department while Connie recovers from cancer has also driven Dylan to drink and more frustrations this week have him reaching for the whiskey bottle in his desk drawer.

Later, while Ethan is at his interview to become a consultant – Dylan gives one of his patients some bad advice, leading to her discharging herself.

The woman, a young teacher called Justine, is clearly hiding something from the medical staff, but Dylan doesn’t try to stop her from leaving before her blood results come back.

Justine doesn’t even make it further than the hospital car park before she’s back in – this time fighting for her life.

When Ethan finds out what happened, he gives Dylan a piece of his mind, telling him the patient’s death would’ve been on him.

Dylan slips away and makes a call, handing in his notice as Acting Clinical Lead – with immediate effect.

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But will he head back to the ED in his role as consultant?

Or will the depressed doctor stay at home and drink himself to death?

Casualty is on BBC One on Saturday at 9pm

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