Fans raging as Doctor Foster returns

That was a tense hour of television

Viewers were left fuming tonight as Doctor Foster made a sensational return to BBC1.

The drama, starring Suranne Jones, was last on screens two years ago and featured Suranne Jones’s Doctor Gemma Foster seeking revenge on her husband and his girlfriend for their extra-martial affair.

Many fans had been left disappointed by the end of the first series when it seems Bertie Carvel’s Simon got away with it and seemed to be allowed to move on with his life.

And as the second series began, it soon became clear Simon hadn’t been punished at all.

Doctor Foster still doesn’t have closure (Credit: BBC)

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Having moved to London, he ended up returning to the town where he had lived with his first wife and son, with new wife, Kate, and daughter, Amelie. He’s living in a big house, clearly well off and obviously loving life.

Gemma was shaken to see he had returned and had invited their son and all of their friends to his wedding party.

She decided to visit his house, let herself in and had a wander round. Simon then arrived home and the confrontation, although calm and done over a cup of tea, was full of smug insults on his behalf.

He’s smug, nasty and downright unkind (Credit: BBC)

He picked at her blouse, telling her she’d had it years, and clearly couldn’t move on from anything – including him.

Then later on in the episode he sent her a picture of him cuddling up to their son to rub her face in it.

He had a point, it soon became clear Gemma hadn’t moved on at all – especially not when she took a first date to gatecrash the wedding party, and made life very uncomfortable indeed for her ex-husband.

And fans were raging at just how awful her ex was.

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And it seems Simon is determined to ruin her life and force her to leave town.

After sending her flowers with a card reading “bitch”, he even took her son at the end of the first episode, having somehow convinced the teenager to live with him instead.

Gemma responded by dissolving her wedding in acid and packing her doctor’s bag while smoking a cigarette and clearly plotting.

And fans were slightly terrified at her demeanour.

Wow, all we can say is: roll on next week!

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