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Fans of Catherine Tyldesley’s new drama 15 Days outraged as dog is shot dead

An act of revenge horrifed fans

The second episode of new drama 15 Days, starring former Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley, left viewers upset on Tuesday night after an innocent dog was shot dead.

The act of revenge by character Michael, the husband of Cath’s character, Sara, left a very nasty taste in the mouth after the poor pooch had to be put out of its misery following the injury.

15 Days dog meg
Poor Meg was a victim of a revenge plot (Credit: Channel 5)

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The drama follows a family who have returned to the homestead following the death of their mother.

As they battle over who gets the farm – that she left to her brother-in-law Huw, much to her children’s anger – one of the siblings is shot dead.

Sinister Michael, who has been having an affair with Sara’s sister, Nia, was out shooting in the forest when he was stopped by Huw.

Huw told him he was trespassing and Michael, who thinks he and his wife should be running the farm, took umbrage to being told what to do and decided to take revenge.

15 Days Michael
Michael revealed he’d taken care of the problem (Credit: Channel 5)

“Nice dog,” he told Huw as he walked away with the shotgun slung over his shoulder, eyeing up the old man’s pet, Meg.

We then saw Michael telling his wife and her siblings about the incident and that he’d “sorted it”, before we cut to the discovery of Meg with a gun shot wound in the barn.

15 Days dog shot
The dog’s death was unfair and uncalled for (Credit: Channel 5)

As Josh was forced to suffocate Meg to stop her suffering, fans were absolutely horrified at the turn the show had taken.

One wrote on Twitter: “Catching up on #15Days Would somebody please horribly murder the [bleep] who shot the dog?”

“[Bleep] traumatised at him killing the dog on #15days. Was there actually any need? What did it bring to the storyline? Totally put off now,” added another.

A third said: “Oh [bleep] off! Why shoot the dog?”

The upset didn’t stop there.

The show got off to a good start on Monday night (May 13) with viewers applauding Cath for her Welsh accent.

The drama, stripped across four nights this week, is Catherine’s first television outing since hanging up Eva Price’s heels last year.

Sara (Catherine Tyldesley). Profile. Kitchen Credit: Channel 5
Catherine’s new look and accent impressed (Credit: Channel 5)

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Viewers at home were pretty impressed with her efforts at mastering the Welsh tongue, which she confessed to TV Times was down to practising it with her young son!

“My little boy [4-year-old son Alfie] has been practising with me and his Welsh accent puts mine to shame,” she joked.

“But it’s driving my husband mental because I’ve been constantly talking in a Welsh accent. He’s like, ‘I think you’ve got it now, it’s fine!'”

Praising Catherine on Twitter, fans were quick to offer congratulations on the role.

The drama is part of Channel 5’s commitment to new and original drama after the axe fell on Big Brother last year, sparing up the cash for new productions.

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