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Fans divided over Linda Hamilton’s appearance on Graham Norton

Some thought she might be drunk

Hollywood actress Linda Hamilton appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night (October 18) and left some viewers scratching their heads.

While most agreed she was fabulous, they couldn’t agree on whether she was under the influence or just had a brilliant personality.

Linda was on the sofa alongside Terminator co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote the latest release in the franchise: Terminator: Dark Fate.

Arnold was being interviewed alongside Linda (Credit: BBC)
Arnold was being interviewed alongside Linda (Credit: BBC)

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The actress discussed various things, including how she didn’t want to appear in the Terminator films at first.

“I didn’t want to do it at all,” she revealed.

Apparently Linda Hamilton was drunk cos she has a personality!

“I was a snotty New York actress and I didn’t want to go to California.

“It was only when I saw Arnie on set and he was fantastic, that I thought, ‘I’m in!'”

As she chatted away, fans wondered if she'd been drinking (Credit: BBC)
As she chatted away, fans wondered if she’d been drinking (Credit: BBC)

To which Arnold replied: “You didn’t want to work with me? That’s the first time I’ve heard that story.”

While Arnie and Linda’s rapport was clear, many viewers were concerned about Linda’s behaviour and wondered if she’d enjoyed a tipple or two before the show.

There were others however, who didn’t notice at all – and thought she was brilliant.

One person said it was just because she had a personality, and another that viewers were being too British about it!

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