Fans beg Ant and Dec to stop irritating them

The pair upload one picture to social media and it all kicks off...

We all know that Ant and Dec are a pair of serious jokers, but their latest ‘joke’ has got some Twitter knickers in a right old twist.

For the second time in a matter of days, the presenters popped up a cheeky picture of them watching the football with their chairs round the wrong way.

As anyone with a pulse knows, on the telly Ant always stands on the left and his name always comes before Dec’s.

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The way they stand and are referred to came about when the duo were starting their careers and decided to “always stand in alphabetical order so people knew who was who.”

Some reports also claim that even when NOT on the telly the pair always stand this way around. So to see them the other way really played with some minds.

People immediately took to Twitter urging them to move their seats back as the duo posted the picture of them ‘distracted’ by watching the Newcastle vs West Brom football match.

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However, someone did point out on Twitter that in fact the chairs weren’t the wrong way around at all – because the photo was being taken from the back. Phew!

Of course just last week they shared a pic of them the other way round too.

And fans were quick to flood the boys’ Instagram with comments after the picture showed Dec’s name first, then Ant’s.

One quipped: “This picture isn’t right. Now I’m questioning everything in life.”

Another joked: “This actually makes me feel uncomfortable.”

A third said: “Who are you two? Who’s Dec and Ant? There’s an Ant and Dec but not a Dec and Ant!”

And a fourth laughed: “I know I may have OCD but you really to swop those chairs over its freaking me out.”

Back in January the pair were forced to switch when they collected their OBE’s at Buckingham Palace.

When collecting their awards from the Prince of Wales, the duo had to answer to their real names and ‘Declan Donnelly’ was called before ‘Anthony McPartlin’, something they both admitted felt “weird”.

“It’s normally me that goes first and when they called Dec’s name I thought I’ll watch what he does,” said Ant, speaking after the accolade.